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  1. Doomsday clock ticking for non-performing Stellantis brands

    In reality, though, what are the odds that Stellantis still owns all the siblings a decade from now?
  2. Gauge lens cracked

    Check out YouTube for several how-to videos out there from folks swapping their dashes panels between the various styles...that'll give you an idea just how much of the dash you have to take apart to get to that piece. Nothing terribly difficult...just time consuming. Can't speak for how easy or...
  3. Steering Stabilizer question

    I never found any other solution (outside of reducing tire pressures) that was within my capabilities to try on my own, so I lived with it. I've been much more content since the new steering box came out, as I find everyday driving feels much more like what I was used to with my JK. Sure, there...
  4. Two options for my Jeep replacement.

    Wow...quite the opposites there. I'd got for #1 solely based on manual trans, but I'd also much prefer the 2DR over the Gladiator, given its ~47 feet shorter in length (+/- :giggle:) than the Gladiator. But that's just my two cents. Either way, glad you came out in one piece. I can sympathize...
  5. Blue 392 in SC @ MSRP

    Sounds like something a dealer would lie about say over the phone/internet just to get your butt in the door. Once you are there, "Oh, my mistake, but let's see what we can do!"...and the games begin. :facepalm:
  6. Looking for something for my jeep

    I'd be cautious with regard to the color match. All whites are not the same, and I'd think that would be a spot where painting something a "white" that was a shade or two off would stick out pretty bad, if that sort of thing triggers any OCD in you. If you want to paint it yourself, you might...
  7. Your next Jeep.

    My next new vehicle will hopefully be a C8 next summer-ish. As for the Jeep side of the garage, not sure when it might get a replacement. Content with my current JLR. About the only thing that would really get my juices flowing would be if a Manual 2-door 392 came along (pretty sure that ain't...
  8. 4xe Lift Kit?

    OT, but love the color combo with the blue rims! Very Nice! :like:
  9. Dashboard Color Change?

    Not a difficult swap, just a little time consuming, but totally worth it! Also, if you want to purchase a set professionally done, the folks at @Rau Racing Wheels do top-notch work in OEM colors, in either gloss or matte finish. They'll send you a set, you make the swap, then return your...
  10. Proximity locks & impatient wife

    You should get one to demonstrate for the other. :LOL:
  11. Steering Stabilizer question

    To go back to your specific question, back well before the new steering box came out, I tried, at different times, changing both the stabilizer (for two different Fox stabilizers) and a SteerSmarts Track Bar, and neither made any significant difference in the play you are talking about...
  12. Proximity locks & impatient wife

    Here's another potential solution. Would she want to carry a fob with her if one were less gigantic? I couldn't stand the large OEM fob either, and a company called Threedom just came out with an awesome new smaller alternate fob design. You take the innards out of your existing fob and place...
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    What size wheels and tires are those? Really like the look!
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Switched out my stock LED tail lights for a set of Winjet Renegades. Recently saw these in another thread and liked the style, plus I really like how the design and the smoked lenses look against the Ocean Blue! Sequential signals look cool, too. Lights off... With the running lights on...
  15. Who has found the best wipers ?

    Seeing all these posts, maybe I need to try Icons again. I used to use them back when they were fairly new, then I went on a bad streak and got two or three bad sets in a row that barely lasted a few months before they started streaking all over the place. Gave up and tried Valeo Frameless...
  16. Anyone had the MyTop soft top installed?

    Realized they were in Atlanta after I got my samples. Hmmm...I'd be glad to make a road trip down from Charlotte if they need a two-door for beta testing. :LOL:
  17. Terrific Aftermarket Fob I came across

    You're a one-man marketing department. :LOL:
  18. Train Horn Yay or Nay?

    Also somewhat fitting for the closing line..."You can think about it, but donnnnn't do it." 😁
  19. Anyone had the MyTop soft top installed?

    Ahh...I see. Thanks!
  20. Anyone had the MyTop soft top installed?

    What part of the top is the "tubing" part?