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  1. My “Service Axle Locker System” solved bad pin connection.

    Dude you got roasted. I mean really, really roasted.
  2. V6 e-torque vs 2.0 Turbo non-etorque

    Lol. This is the argument that gets me. The entire JL platform is an overly complex system.
  3. V6 e-torque vs 2.0 Turbo non-etorque

    I would say the majority of replies in this thread are misinformation, for both engines. Most of the “e torque” fear is by people who don’t own the engine. These threads are as bad as oil threads.
  4. AEV 2.5"

    Mopar lift LCAs brought caster to 5.5. Handles much better.
  5. Hidden Falls this Thursday?

    Cant this Thursday, but My schedule is basically every other weekend. So I have weekdays off. We can compare lifts. Lol.
  6. Axle end LCA bolt holes

    I JUST replaced my front LCAs this week and honestly didnt even notice if it was a square hole (which seems odd). And at 190ft lbs of torque, I am not pulling them off and checking, sorry.
  7. T-boned, $9K in damage, some questions (making sure repairs are good)

    They should pull the aftermarket skids and check things out. I would just mention they are aftermarket skids and what kind and model, maybe even offer them the install directions. I have done this before on aftermarket parts at various shops and it never seems to be an issue, most shops are...
  8. Before I Lose My Cool - Please Verify

    2021 3.6 w/ 8spd AT. These are all my factory skids. Looking forward.
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Pulled some Rigid D cubes off one of our old ambulances. Nice free upgrade.
  10. Vader Grill on 2020 JL Wrangler

    No, no sir. It’s not alright. That being said, I have no idea if that thing is mounted right. Sorry dude.
  11. Dealership Issue / Bad Service Visit...should I be upset?

    Absolutely start with the Service manager. Many times the techs will take cars and test drive them and maybe grab a lunch while out. In my book not a big deal. HOWEVER a porter has no business driving a vehicle except from service lane to parking lot. Thats it. Many times management doesn't...
  12. New York WTB: Mopar Tailgate reinforcement kit

    I dont know if you are dead set on Mopar brand. I bought this one on aAmazon and it is a exact copy. Even the instructions were the same. I imagine it comes from the same sweatshop. WFLNHB Spare Tire Carrier Tailgate Bracket Hinge Reinforcement Kits Oversized fit for 2018-2019 Jeep JL...
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Same thing happened to me, flew off on the highway within a week. Lol
  14. I only use this once per year

    May the 4th be with you.
  15. 2019 rubicon with 2.5 lift. Question

    I went from stock 33s to 37s. When I first put them on, my shift points were all messed up and the Jeep shifted like crap. After calibrating the speedo and computer with my procal snap, everything ran smoother. I downshift frequently to 7th on the highway. Overall, too much of a difference.
  16. Impact wrench / driver recommendation?

    I picked this up yesterday at HD. Should be plenty to bust loose LCA bolts and such.
  17. Rubicon Chirps over Bumps

    Would you guys say it is a chirp or more like a metallic clink? I think I have this issue too. I will check my brakes. I can replicate it sometimes by rocking the vehicle, or by pressing the brake pedal when its in my garage.