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  1. Illinois Insane Audio with Doors Off Issue

    You have to go into the settings menu and change the delay time to zero if you want it to shut off when you turn your ignition off, very easy to do. Email their tech support, and they will walk you through it if you are unsure of the process. They will respond in a few hours, their customer...
  2. New Jersey Granite Crystal rims and tires

    @Racerman56 yes they are.
  3. Replace the aux battery with a full size battery?
  4. New Jersey Granite Crystal rims and tires

    5 Goodyear Wrangler A/T tires and Granite Crystal rims off a 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLUS. Tire size is 245/75R17. All 5 tires are in like-new condition with only 300 miles on them. Comes with all 5 TPMS sensors. Asking $500. (Located in northwest NJ)
  5. Opinion - BEST MUD FLAPS?

    RokBlokx, no drill, easy to remove when not needed.
  6. Anyone know the part number of the tailight access panel?

    @THGSoldier, The part # you need for the driver's side is 6QJ14TX7AA
  7. New Jersey Motor City mirrors

    Selling a pair of Motor City doors-off mirrors. Asking $75.00 Willing to ship on your dime.
  8. New Jersey Racor Hoist for sale

    New, never used Racor hoist for sale. Comes with the metal Topsy cams to replace the stock plastic ones. All parts and instructions as new. Local pick up in northwest NJ, it's too big to ship. Asking $265 o/b/o
  9. New Jersey Evo Enforcer Kit

    Thanks for the quick reply. I have a friend in NEPA looking for a lift, I'll pass on your info to him.
  10. New Jersey Evo Enforcer Kit

    Where in NJ are you?
  11. New Jersey 26" electric start snowblower

    Where in NJ are you?
  12. Another exhaust sound test. JEGS Turbo muffler on 3.6L

    Looks and sounds good. I had ordered this exact muffler 2 days ago, thought I would take a chance on it. Now I see your post, and hope mine sounds similar, (I have the 3.6, also).
  13. My New Toy

    Can you provide a link to the one you purchased? I'm ready to cut the cord.
  14. New Jersey 2dr Rubi take-off suspension

    I have a set of shocks and springs off of a 2dr JLR for sale that came off a 2020 Recon edition with Hardtop, steel bumpers, and tow pkg. at approximately 100 miles . Spring #'s are 229/230 fronts, and 111/113 rears. Asking $175 o/b/o-local pick up only.
  15. Dynomax Muffler Delete with Magnaflow Muffler Install

    @JeepSmash... thank you for the reply. I am about to do this and want it as quiet as possible. Do you have a sound clip of yours that you can post? I would love to hear how it sounds.
  16. Dynomax Muffler Delete with Magnaflow Muffler Install

    @JeepSmash... Is the 11376 a straight through design, or is it chambered? Curious if this one is quieter than the 10416 round version.
  17. GP Factor Tag relocation.

    That's one of the nicer setups that I've seen. Please post pics after your install, and how difficult you think it will be to remove if you need to use your spare tire..
  18. Shock mount bushings

    It looks like it's time to replace them. You can clearly see cracks in the bushings. At least you can justify upgrading those to a better shock.
  19. Tazer issues

    Care to share how you got it to work? Others may have the same issue, and it would be helpful to close out your post with a solution.