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  1. Arizona For Sale: Vector Offroad "GGB" Aluminum Cargo Basket

    Selling my Vector Offroad "Grocery Getter Basket". $350.00 I used this only a short while before my JLU was sold, however, this is a very well designed cargo system. The photo shows the installation of a "Power Tank" bottle holder which will be removed, and on the right, underneath and not...
  2. Arizona For Sale: Goose Gear JLU Plate System / Sleeping Platform

    Selling my Goose Gear JLU Plate System for your 2018+ JLU w/Sub Plate system. $1000 I used this only a short while before my JLU was sold, however, this is a very well designed system. Included is the rear plate, and the "60%" side, and includes a special bracket to optionally keep the small...
  3. Multiple issues with the Jeep JL

    I purchased a 2018 JL Rubicon and I'll never forget the day I drove it home from the dealer. The damn thing was ALL over the road and driving it felt like a chore. That was late October 2018, and I now have about 22K on it. Since then the vehicle has been lifted with new suspension, 35" tires...
  4. And the Jeep Life Begins... My First Jeep

    Congrats looks like your having fun with it already!
  5. Am I crazy trading in a Challenger Scat Pack for a Wrangler?

    Early on after my divorce many years ago, I usually always owned two vehicles. One car (or sports car if you will), and one truck, or 4x4 vehicle of some sorts, but never owned a jeep. Years on since, I only want to maintain one vehicle now, and my last ride, 2015 BMW 435xi was traded in on a...
  6. JCR not standing behind their Part

    Well, tough line in that Dick spent a lot of money on one particular manufacturer's products, so I can certainly understand his frustration, as I'd be upset as well. Mirroring another's comments regarding a seal that was missing in an expensive kit would and the frustration of dealing with the...
  7. Break in on new Jeep?

    Yea, I read this years ago and I agree with these theories as well.
  8. Break in on new Jeep?

    Rings are set at the factory with a nonpowered run to evaluate that the engine is functioning after the mfg process. After that first 20 miles secure everything up, but really you want those rings pushed out fully against the cylinder wall. I used to be as diligent as you, years ago. These days...
  9. Break in on new Jeep?

    Run it as you stole it.. The only way to be sure it's well made, and also seats the rings to the cylinder walls. Pussying your engine will get you a weak engine with a poor ring to cylinder wall seating. Google that if you want to read up more.
  10. Had a great 6 months 14k miles - Are the spark plugs easy to replace myself?

    lol.. not surprised... Hate to say it, FCA cheaped out in a lot of areas on this vehicle. Love mine, but all about the bean counters in the end.
  11. Anything to know when taking your JL to an automatic carwash?

    Run mine through all the time! I'm off on the trails getting dirty, and getting too lazy to wash mine by hand. Anyhow, just run it through, slip it in neutral when the attendant says so, just move the lever one notch up and your good. When exiting, I slightly, and quickly throw my foot on the...
  12. Had a great 6 months 14k miles - Are the spark plugs easy to replace myself?

    Yea, I'd suspect they may be fairly easy to swap out, but having said that -- those are good for 100K so wouldn't bother just replacing them with 14K on the ticker. No need to.
  13. 2-month old JL Rubicon battery died, service dept. says it’s normal

    Batteries are junk, they are the lowest cost batteries the mfg can get away with to get the vehicle sold. Do yourself a favor, and look to get that aux battery eliminated, and invest in a good main battery at some point when you're done dealing with the dealer's nonsense.
  14. 2.0L engine, 88 ethanol free vs 91 ethanol

    Here's an additional thought for you with respect to carbon deposits. If you think about your PCV valve and crankcase ventilation, you know your engine is sucking in, through the throttle body, and intake valves atomized air/oil out of the crankcase during normal engine operation. Will the fuel...
  15. Manual or Automatic?

    Get the Auto, it's a Chrysler built ZF 8-speed tranny, probably one of the best tranny's available today. You won't be disappointed with it.
  16. Mounting Powertank to Roll Bars with X clamp?

    I've got a vector offroad "grocery getter" shelf that mounts in the back on the railings. I chose to mount my tank on top of that lying down. I felt it was better than any of the other offerings that could be found when I picked up my tank about 5 months go. Anyhow, it seems to the other...
  17. Steering stabilizer recall

    The same situation, I upgraded to a Nexus 2.2 and threw that OEM unit right where it belonged.. in the dumpster, long long time ago. Anyhow, I was thinking reimbursement as you were, but figured I'd just let it go since it would probably be more trouble to get a check cut from them to cover a...
  18. What are built Rubi axles capable of?

    My opinion, I believe that most of the stock components, including the axles, are adequate for most of the drivers, including myself. As the others said, I'm sure you could do Rubicon and some of the other trails. However, attempting anything MAJOR will yield broken driveline components without...