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  1. Southeast fuel shortage...

    I bet the CEO still gets a huge bonus.
  2. Southeast fuel shortage...

    So what about all the fuel that is in those extremely large holding tanks at the fuel depot’s where the tanker trucks fill up. Really odd to me. Can these tanks really empty out this quickly. Doesn’t make sense.
  3. Dealership Issue / Bad Service Visit...should I be upset?

    Agree with all responses above, However after seeing and hearing the way my vehicle was being driven at the dealership I would have walked around to where they parked my vehicle and left with it.
  4. 3.6 without etorque?

    Not looking for a argument, my opinion is smaller displacement engines have to work harder, thus longevity suffers.
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Made some new mounts for the cargo carrier and made a mount for the flashlight.
  6. 3.6 without etorque?

    So glad I got my 2019 JLR when I did. No one will ever convince me a 4 cylinder engine will last, especially in a 4 door. That e-torque is garbage, couldn’t agree more with previous opinions. I probably wouldn’t buy a new Jeep today if I were in the market to buy. That is really too bad. Love...
  7. Did they really do anything ?

    And still we have dealerships that do not understand that the Sales Department makes the 1st sale and the mechanics make all the rest of the sales.
  8. Did they really do anything ?

    You just can’t get any better than Discount Tire. You can watch while they work on your vehicle and any problems of any kind with your tires are repaired for free. I have had nails in tires, valve stems leaking and everything was fixed for free. Also never had to wait very long to get into shop...
  9. Storage bags for 2-door JL

    Fish bone off road has some nice storage solutions.
  10. North Carolina Rubicon Tires

    Set of 5 stock ko2 tires from rubicon jl. 2k miles on the tires. $750.00 Raleigh N.C.
  11. Housing Market

    This is why the best thing to invest in now is land. Yes it is selling at higher prices but you will always have a place to build when ready.
  12. How to keep mice out of my stored jeep...

    Get a cat. Problem solved.
  13. Train Horn Yay or Nay?

    And don’t forget about all the snowflakes that can’t disconnect from their cell phones when driving. Always fun to watch the cell phone fly out of their hand.
  14. so here is the ticking engine of brand new Wrangler JL

    Definitely not normal. Take it to dealer.
  15. Anyone watch the Lite Brite Jeep Youtube channel?

    Anyone notice how they finished their 1st King Of The Hammers race? Absolutely fantastic finish.
  16. Cleanest Phone Mount Solution

    Gibson leather works.
  17. Off-Road Campers

    Check out cedar ridge teardrops. They are custom made at a very reasonable price. Much better than anything mass manufactured. Look real hard at what brands you mentioned and you will realize what junk they really are.
  18. Should I add remote proximity keyless entry??

    Absolutely add it. Why remove key fob from your pocket to unlock vehicle only to put it back in your pocket before starting the car. Makes no sense. For those who put the key fob in the center console, you still have to remember to take the key fob to lock the doors.
  19. North Carolina Rubicon Tires

    Set of 5 Stock Rubicon k02 tires. 2,200 miles. This is for the rubber only, no tpms sensors or rims. $750.00 Raleigh N.C.