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  1. Should I remove my rear tire?

    I think I have the options to have it on all the time under apps.
  2. Should I remove my rear tire?

    😂😂😂 true
  3. Should I remove my rear tire?

    The main reason I want to delete it is because most of my rear window is blocked by it I can’t see if a car is tailgating me. I used my spare tire once on my sedan. It’s not because I’m having trouble refueling. I’m replacing it with the canisters to cover up the big odd looking spot. It’s...
  4. Should I remove my rear tire?

    That’s the one I was actually looking at.
  5. Should I remove my rear tire?

    What’s up guys, I’ve been debating if I should delete my rear tire and replace it with the gas canisters. Do you guys think it’s wise to delete it? I don’t do a lot of off-roading since I live in nyc. I’m running 35 ko2. Any good experience and bad experiences? Other then a flat tire experience.
  6. Can I fit 5 Rubicon Rims & Tires in the back of my JLU Sahara?

    I was able to fit all five of my Sahara 18 inch rims with tires, lift kit and spare tire holder in the back with no problems.
  7. Washed my Keyfob

    I washed mine about 5 months ago, I removed the battery and tapped they key fob on my hand until most of the water came out. I then replaced it with a new battery and it still works perfectly fine.
  8. Anyone installed the new Teraflex front trackbar...?

    I have the teraflex steering stabilizer, if I get the steersmart will it interfere? I’m about to return the teraflex track bar :(
  9. When do you REFUEL?

    I normally fill up once a week at shell on tuesdays since I get a extra 20-25 cents off a gallon. My tank is normally half way.
  10. No Jeep waves here :(

    Don’t worry I get the same reaction, even modified Jeep’s don’t wave back. I feel like an idiot when they just stare at me
  11. New York OEM Steering Damper

    Where you at?
  12. New York OEM Steering Damper

    I just replaced my steering stabilizer with the falcon one. I have this used OEM steering damper. This is the one FCA replaced with the original one. This was on a 2018 Jeep JL unlimited if I don’t get a response I’ll just discard it. Pick up only !
  13. Uconnect 7" screen flicker

    Jeep cares is telling me that there’s no tsb now for this.. wtf is going on, I’m tired of them telling me one thing and giving me the run around.
  14. 2018 JLUR quarter panel paint cracking

    The dealer manager looked at a couple of jeeps that were in service and he did confirm the other Jeep’s had em. The corporate office is now refusing to work on the car because they said multiple fixes were done.
  15. 2018 JLUR quarter panel paint cracking

    After months of working with the multiple dealers, at this point I have no hope for this repair. I’ve had 6 repairs done and yet no results.
  16. 2018 JLUR quarter panel paint cracking

    I tried doing that because bayside Jeep recommended me finding my own body shop however Jeep denied it. You should call some dealers and see if they have their own body shops on site, once the job is done you can only deal with them.
  17. 2018 JLUR quarter panel paint cracking

    does This dealership have a body shop on site? If they don’t I prefer you to find one that does, otherwise they sending your car to a third party body shop.
  18. 2018 JLUR quarter panel paint cracking

    So after months of waiting to get my car finally fixed at a body shop, I was denied service. The body shop at star Chrysler ordered my rear quarter panel due to it being painted multiple times and advised me it will be fixed once and for all. The day of the appointment I went in they told me...