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  1. Diabolical Slide Floor Drawer Debut

    2.5" from the Slide to the Plastic. I think the Plastic piece is another 1/2". This should fit many Tables out there except the Tuffy Tailgate Lockbox.... that things is like 6" Deep.
  2. Diabolical Slide Floor Drawer Debut

    That would depend on the thickness of the table. I'll take a pic today and post it up. We actually shortened the slide floor original design by about 1/2" in order to accommodate most tables, but inevitably, someone will build something that isn't compatible.
  3. Diabolical Slide Floor Drawer Debut

    We haven't fitted it yet. It certainly may fit, but we want to make sure we designed it to pick up mounting points.
  4. Diabolical Slide Floor Drawer Debut

    Here some dimensions. The height of the unit is just shy of 5 inches from the plastic OEM corners on either side of the floor. It is 4" from the Slide Floor to the top of the shelf, but as you can see, there is a turn down on the shelf that is 1/2". So this would make the clearence from the...
  5. Diabolical Slide Floor Drawer Debut

    I think you'll see from the original pics that the aft part of the unit is open. Not really meant to be key locked, although a locked box could be placed inside. It is possible we could do a cover that attaches to the front to increase security, and a lock placed on that, but it would become...
  6. Diabolical Slide Floor Drawer Debut

    We should have them on the site this week for purchase at $799.95 and you can use the Forum discount of forums10 for 10% off. The lowest height setting of the drawer is 4" and it will raise to 7". We have test fit it in a 4XE, and although there might be a slight variation in height, it is...
  7. Diabolical Slide Floor Drawer Debut

    Well....I'm 240 Lbs. These are 250 Lb Slides.
  8. Diabolical Slide Floor Drawer Debut

    We unveiled the Slide Floor months ago, now we're introducing the Slide Drawer. Come check out the booth at Jeep Jam next weekend. The Slide Floor was given an upgrade of a shelf that goes over the top. The height of the shelf is adjustable from a couple inches to 6" height. It works with...
  9. Diabolical Slipstream 4xe installation (mod non 4xe version)

    Appreciate all the pics and showing others that if they currently have a JL Version and want to convert it over, it can be done. We are working on the 4XE Version, so if you are looking to purchase a unit now, please wait. We will have one ready soon. We have had a large request for current...
  10. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    Did you get these resolved? PM Me a pic of them. There is a rubber u-channel strip that goes on the tail skin, and there is a small rubber strip that is used in the access door lock assemble.
  11. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    There is a Foam Strip that goes on the bottom of the Wing Walls (under the hardtop). There is also an OEM Foam strip under the hardtop. As the weight of the hardtop while it's bolted down will squeeze these together creating a water tight seal.
  12. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    We know it works with the OEM/Mopar Cargo mats. You do need to cut two small slits so they will allow the ley properly around the mounts at the rear seat bolts.
  13. 4xe Compatibility?

    It is currently NOT 4XE Compatible. We are working on getting our hands on in Utah, so if anyone knows someone that may in the Salt Lake Area that want to let us use their vehicle to Prototype, let us know. We may be able to do this while we are at Jeep Beech, but we did not get the chance at EJS.
  14. Discounts Good thru End of 2020

    They are all still active.
  15. Diabolical Inc. Slipstream Introduction

    That's correct, Thanks Fedex and UPS for that. :(
  16. RAM® Tough-Track™ for 18-19' Jeep JL/Gladiator

    I'm happy with mine. The 67 Designs uses a slightly smaller ball 20mm vs 25mm (1") The larger ball is typically rubber and grips better IMHO. I have a 67 Designs Mic Mount and quality is top notch, just your stuck with buying 20mm accessories, and there seems to be much more available for the...
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed the hoist in the garage this weekend. Pulled the top off, and then started running the wires for the HAM Radio installation, as well as new Diode Dynamic SSC3 Pods going on the Rhino Rack..
  18. Rhino Rack JL Backbone RJLB1

    Just standard hardware. Just made sure to use a Nylon locknut and everything was Stainless.
  19. Rhino Rack JL Backbone RJLB1

    No Complaints. I have a third bracket but I've never used it, never needed to. I've drove all over the country in my 2013 JKU for a couple years, and its been on my JLU now for over a year. Works just fine with 2 brackets, but a 3rd is only better. I'm sure if your gonna hard wheel it, you...
  20. Rhino Rack JL Backbone RJLB1

    I'm gonna say its the 8.2'. The Rhino Rack is 72" Alone and this goes from tail gate to just shy of the windshield. 2500mmx2500mm (8.2x8.2)