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  1. JLUR Frame Damage

    I would have thought it was a trolling thread....except the guy signed up in July and actually was looking at Gobi rack stuff.... Oh well, at least now it's morphed into great ideas for mac n cheese..... Thanks Dookey! :like:
  2. JLUR Frame Damage

    :drool: smoked Gouda.
  3. JLUR Frame Damage

    Looks GREAT! We've been using Mesquite almost exclusively since it's supposed to impart the most flavor with beef.
  4. JLUR Frame Damage

    Well, that sounds amazing. We got a Yoder YS640 earlier this year....been smoking the shit out of beef cuts. Life changing. :)
  5. JLUR Frame Damage

    Probably stupid expensive. Huh...thought Sauce was national. Only in NM, AZ and TX. Sorry bro. Best mac n cheese I've had.
  6. JLUR Frame Damage

    Needs motherfuckin' green chilies and ham....IMO. :rock: Ever had the mac n cheese at Sauce?....with green chilies and ham.....yowza.
  7. JLUR Frame Damage

    e-fuggin-xactly. Frame damage, OP? Are you for fuckin' real?
  8. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    Wow, you really had to dig for that one, didn't you? :like: LOL. I LOVE this board. There are so many thin skinned folks that want to target the person they see as a "know it all" just really wish you could give me my deserved comeuppance.:CWL: So you don't believe that endangering the...
  9. Motobilt Email........

  10. Just A Warning About Wayrates Ads on This Site.....

    Company is a scam company out of China who is allegedly selling men's sportswear and tactical gear. It is counterfeit and garbage. They are taking photos of legitimate company's products, photoshopping out the tag and then using the photo as a representation of the product they are selling...
  11. Not A Jeep.........

  12. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    :CWL: OMG...hilarious. But honestly, around here....I see probably 4:1 girls to guys driving Jeep Wranglers...It's a chick car now, lol.