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  1. Would you buy another 3.0L EcoDiesel? Why? Why not?

    I not sure a 392 hood will just work since the ram air opening is funneled to a special opening on the 392 air box so you would have to get that air box as well and make sure it fits with everything. Have you seen our H.E.R.O. Hood? We have a Diesel version and in addition to the ram air...
  2. CAI with 4xe

    In that case, our H.E.R.O. Hood should work and addresses a lot of the concerns mentioned in this thread. Factory airbox stays intact so no additional noise and you retain the factory air filter. In addition, you get heat reduction functionality.
  3. CAI with 4xe

    Airbox is in the same position as the 2.0/3.6 correct?
  4. H.E.R.O. Hood - TOTL Innovations

    One more killer shot of our friend's JT Gladiator with the JL JT H.E.R.O. Hood.
  5. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    I would guess there is plenty of room now. Think of the ram air system on the 392. That tunnel on the underside of the hood is pretty big and scoop on the top side isnt very pronounced.
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Hoods are fair game too. ;) Grill should be left stock
  7. H.E.R.O. Hood - TOTL Innovations

    Some Monday Motivation for ya. Our good friend and wheeling buddy decided to upgrade his JT tow rig with our JL JT H.E.R.O. Hood. This is going to help that Gladiator out big time when he is towing his JK buggy all over the country.
  8. Can I Order a 392 or MoJave Hood.

    Have you seen our JL / JT H.E.R.O. Hood? Everything is fully functional and will work with your factory air box
  9. Air intake advice / feedback?

    The issue with cold air intakes is that they are a misnomer. They may be more free flowing than the stock air box but almost all of them dont do anything in the name of actually getting cold fresh air to the engine. The Mopar version @BrntWS6 mentioned cuts a hole in the hood so its an...
  10. H.E.R.O. Hood - TOTL Innovations

    The rear hinges are in different spots so you would need to change the cowl.
  11. H.E.R.O. Hood - TOTL Innovations

    MAJOR Product Announcement We wanted to make sure that we have the entire JL/JT engine line up covered so we now have a second version of our H.E.R.O. Hood designed to work with the diesel where the Ram Air opening is funneled to the (U.S.) Driver's side of the engine compartment. The site...
  12. H.E.R.O. Hood - TOTL Innovations

    Product Announcement: We recently made a small change to the ram air opening of our JL / JT H.E.R.O. Hoods by recessing it further in for a more aggressive look. You can see the difference between the old and new version in the picture below where the new version is on top. We already have...
  13. Looking for a quality set of beadlocks

    What is the back spacing on these?
  14. Looking for a quality set of beadlocks

    Walker is the OG of beadlocks. Been around forever. You will be hard pressed to find a negative review of them. Not much info yet because they are still in the testing phase.
  15. Looking for a quality set of beadlocks

    Backspacing on those is ~4.6x which is a bit outside the OP's original target. I have run Method and Walker Evans in the past. Both are awesome wheels and didnt give me any issues.
  16. H.E.R.O. Hood - TOTL Innovations

    Did you know our JL H.E.R.O. Hood also fits the JT. This hoods fits all JL and JT models except for the Mojave.
  17. Mojave hood swap

    Yes and no. The airbox is on the drivers side just like the Ecodiesel but its a completely different box. You can see that it has an opening to seal against the hood further inboard and I imagine it has a secondary opening against the firewall which is similar to the ecodiesel...
  18. CO: Anyone Have Rollers for UD60s

    This is a long shot but does anyone have a set of rollers (wheels and tires) that will fit a set of UD60s in the Denver/Colorado Springs are? 17" or larger wheel, 8x6.5 bolt pattern with at least 122mm center bore.
  19. Mojave hood swap

    The 392's Hood integrates with a new air box which sits on the driver's side and way more inboard and closer to the firewall than all other factory air boxes so I imagine it would require quite a bit of work to convert. There already is a hood available that is fully functional...just saying ;)
  20. Possible benefits of Jeep offering a Hemi option...

    Personal opinion here. I dont believe that Jeep will ever offer the parts as a "swap kit." That isnt the business they are in and would be a complete departure from every automaker's business model thus far. You can grab a Hemi JL VIN and go to your local dealer and order "replacements" for...