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  1. 4xe tuning?

    The best I can describe the acceleration of my 4xe is it is like an express elevator in a skyscraper. You don’t really feel it when you push the up button to the 100th floor, you are just suddenly there and are like….already? That having been said, you really notice the acceleration passing a...
  2. 4XE Edition JL Club Thread

    Can you look at something for me since your son has a Gladiator. I think that the grills honeycomb inserts in the 4xe might be from the Gladiator. It is defiantly not from the regular JL. I am trying to see if the Bolt hood lock will work with the same modification that is required for the...
  3. 4xe recall?

    Jeep says ‘recall? What recall? We don’t show any recall’. So my Jeep app just made it up!
  4. How Can We Help?

    This fits great. One side is silver with no writing. $16
  5. 4XE Mopar Extended Warranty?

    I purchased the Maxcare plan for my 4xe. It does not exclude the hybrid components specifically and says it includes all parts in the transmission and transfer case. Plus now the 2.0 engine parts are covered as well as electronics and mechanical parts. I purchased from Tom Winkels at Hays...
  6. Which level 2 charger to get?

    Do you have it set at 32 amps, which is what the Mopar charger is, or is it ok to have it set at 40 amps (on a 50 amp circuit). Thanks!
  7. 4xe recall?

    They also don’t actually inspect new Jeep’s off the assembly line for 48 days😬
  8. 4xe recall?

    Right!?! Hard to believe that I may be one of them. Jeep had my Jeep in “additional inspections for a month and a half, how could they miss that?
  9. 4xe recall?

    None from @JeepCares yet
  10. 4xe recall?

    I just received an alert on my Jeep app that says the 4xe has been recalled. It does not say what for. Anyone have info?
  11. Tesla adapter to J1772 would work on the 4XE?

    Do you have the lectron model number by chance? Thanks
  12. Getting Your Jeep from A to B (Without Driving)

    Maybe you can have Jeep ship it. They hardly charge anything for shipping and know the exact time they are going to pick up and deliver a vehicle!
  13. Factory leather seats in "Dark Saddle" are actually really light tan?

    I have the dark saddle. It is very close to the color of my baseball glove.
  14. 4xe Coolant leak and MPG

    I am super happy to have my 4xe, but it being a new vehicle this is the first time I sprung for the 8 year extended warranty. Peace of mind in the future.
  15. Post your extended warranty price here

    I went with Tom. 8/85k $200 deductible Max Care $980. I am not planning a lift so no worries there.
  16. 4xe mods -- what works/doesn't work from regular JL's?

    Bolt hood lock doesn’t work...kind of...the grill insert on the 4xe is different from the one that comes in the kit.
  17. Has anyone gotten their accessories stolen, when mounted OUTSIDE the Jeep?

    The grill insert on the 4xe is different than the one provided with the bolt hood lock, so you need to change the entire inner grill if you want it to match.
  18. I finally understand why people hate mall crawlers

    We are not all Mall crawlers, mud flingers or rock hoppers. I have gone from a 2 door CJ I beat the heck out of, to a sport JKU that was ok fun but basic and switched to a JKUR that I did lots of mods to and it rode on the roads know. Now I am in my “golden years”. I wanted the...
  19. Today was the day - took possession of my new 4XE!! :)

    Got my stingray Sahara on Wednesday, just broke 100 miles. The biggest driving impression I have had, is it doesn’t “feel fast”. However when you look in the rear view mirror the other cars are quickly getting small! It so smoothly adds power, as opposed to how a gas engine hits its power...
  20. 4xe Mud flaps MUST READ

    Mine is a Sahara