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  1. Public Charging?

    My preferred grocery store has free level 2 chargers. When I do a full run (~1/mo) it'd certainly be worth it to charge because it takes about an hour for me to get through deli and meat counter and get all the fruits and veggies and visit the wine and beer etc. etc.
  2. Public Charging?

    The whole point of a hybrid is there's no range anxiety.
  3. Anyone having Uconnect issues?

    Does the 4xe have the new Android based UConnect or is it still the older system?
  4. California 4XE Ordering

    My personal experience with GEICO in California would lead me to strongly recommend never using them.or expecting any assistance when you need it the most. They burned every possible brisge they could have with me and I will never give them or their partners a dime for any product for as long as...
  5. Questions about ordering from Virginia dealers....

    He did not state how long the waitlist he's got is. I didn't state anything about my expectations so it's a bit of a farce for you to judge them as unrealistic.
  6. Questions about ordering from Virginia dealers....

    I spoke with Craig at Koons earlier this week and really got rubbed the wrong way. 5% discount only available on factory orders; $1,000 non-refundable deposit (I didn't think that was even legal) to get on the waitlist to even place an order. This was for a Rubicon 4xe. I was...not pleased given...
  7. 4xe mods -- what works/doesn't work from regular JL's?

    Does your seat still fold down normally with this in place?
  8. 4XE - Worse mileage than other motors (after battery depleted)?

    The Wrangler 4xe does not have a V6. Also according to this and this the Cd of the Wrangler is just over 50% higher than the...
  9. 4xe mods -- what works/doesn't work from regular JL's?

    That's literally impossible one of our favorite forum videographers I think it was Brandon tested it the vehicle can't be shifted from park with the charge cord in. But yes. That's actually what I meant by usability. It's on the same side as the driver door so it's more accessible.
  10. 4xe mods -- what works/doesn't work from regular JL's?

    Doesn't need to be close to the battery. Needs to be close to the MGU underhood. That's why it is where it is. Real best would've been cowl on passenger side but then fuel and charge port would've been on opposite sides which they probably don't want from a driver usability standpoint (at least...
  11. 4XE Rear Seat Legroom

    Rear facing car seat fits no problem and I can fit in the seat in front of it. I can also sit behind myself no trouble at all. Six foot, 32ish inseam. Pics of car seat in my car seat thread. Something I...
  12. Rear Facing Car Seat in the 4xe

    Little guy's seat fits no problem. I can fit in the passenger seat in front of him with inches to spare (I am 6', 32ish" inseam). Plenty of room! (His car seat not touching the passenger seat, passenger seat back one more click would be touching.) This is a Clek Liing on the LATCH/ISOFIX base...
  13. 4XE Rear Seat Legroom

    Their website has 2021 - Present 4xe with a big X through it so...that's probably not the answer you want to read right now, I know.
  14. Anyone else getting really weird MPG estimates.

    I contacted Jeep after I posted that message. Said to myself, why don't we ask them? So I got on chat. They took my info and said a tech expert would be in touch. So, maybe shortly we'll know the no kidding way this works.
  15. Anyone else getting really weird MPG estimates.

    33.7 kWh of electricity is defined as the energy content of a gallon of gas. No one has yet been able to determine if Jeep is using that to do calculations. I don't know if anyone has actually contacted Jeep yet.
  16. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    Yeah that's why I ASPIRE to a 4xe lol. Still working on convincing her. My latest tack is that in an emergency when she's at the office and I'm at home the little one can't safely be taken anywhere in the Miata because the carseat can't be installed properly like in our SUV. And for me the...
  17. Wrangler 4XE Drive Modes Analysis

    They wouldn't be putting the 2.0 in the JT, they'd be putting it in the JT 4xe. The 4xes are separately marketed so it'd still be accurate. The 2.0T makes more torque, at lower RPM, than the 3.6 NA, which makes it more suitable for a truck. The big three have all gone to offering smaller engines...
  18. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    Um...If you want all that stuff. Unventilated leather seats? That's a no from me, dawg.
  19. 4XE Rear Seat Legroom

    I have never understood why people do this with electrified vehicles. There's an obvious answer - it's not for your use case, not yet. At least you're not completely shitting on the idea of it like so many folks do. As to your other point, why anyone would by a GC right now given the new one is...
  20. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    You don't have to wonder, it's been on YouTube for days (not my video)