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  1. Help! My wife HATES my new Jeep!

    My wife is from a Jeep family, she learned to drive in a two door manual Cherokee, we still have her bone stock manual '90 YJ. She was excited when our '18 manual JLUR arrived, and she would drive it to work or around town if I wasn't using it. Then the Mopar lift and 35's went on, the winch...
  2. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    Do pre-orders open at a certain time today? I am seeing unavailable on all of the items, unless there is something I am missing.
  3. Best Tent Option (CVT, Roofnest, FSR)

    I had the medium Mt Hood and really don't think it weighed 220 lbs. More like 150 lbs, but mine was before they added the double channel side mounting track. Last year the Roofnest Falcon and the Mt Hood were basically the same tent, available in slightly different sizes, probably made in the...
  4. Best Tent Option (CVT, Roofnest, FSR)

    Check out the GoFastCampers Superlite if you are able to wait through the current lead-time. The first batch started shipping recently so you can find people on youtube and instagram with them to get some real world usage info. Mine should ship in May. I had a CVT Mt Hood last summer and drove...
  5. Simply The Best spring sale!!

    I'm waiting on a tan safari style bikini top for the JLU to be released, but don't have my hopes up that they will get to anything but the black one anytime soon. They must be stretched pretty thin preparing for the Bronco tops, so I'm keeping my expectations low.
  6. Nauset Beach in Orleans

    Thank you for sharing the pics @LanceMagnum! Last year didn't work out for us to get a Nauset sticker, but this year will. Here are a few shots from out near P-Town a few years ago...
  7. Nauset Beach in Orleans

    I also plan on Nauset for the 1st time this year and hopefully moving forward since it is so much closer for me than the CC National Seashore (Which is a worthwhile trip for sure at least one time!). The piping plover nesting bird limitations are what will probably make or break the over sand...
  8. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    Count me as a user that wouldn't mount my license plate, but would still use all the other features. If the plate isn't there, I'm wondering if I could drill out new sets of holes to bring the RotoPax/ traction board mounts inward? There might still be enough clearance in the back to get a...
  9. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    Looks great, this checks two boxes for me. I've been struggling to find a good MaxTrax mounting solution, and just had some Rhino-Rack mounts come in that I was going to make modifications to, but even then I'd run into issues with having an awning on the driver side of the rack, and need a spot...
  10. Massachusetts SOLD: CVT Mt. Hood Roof Top Tent

    As far as I can tell, the Roofnest and this line from CVT come from the same factory. It is a very nice tent and I enjoyed it for it's purpose. My only negative was having the 150 pounds up on top, and when my four door is fully loaded for camping, she's a heavy pig. I think between the full...
  11. Massachusetts SOLD: CVT Mt. Hood Roof Top Tent

    The tent was sold last month. I’m thinking the forum could do more to make it clear when listings are updated as sold.
  12. Massachusetts SOLD TrailRax Pak Rax (JL) - New, Just One - $180

    This item sold already, but it was for one single rack and did not include a RotopaX.
  13. Massachusetts SOLD: CVT Mt. Hood Roof Top Tent

    CVT Mt. Hood Roof Top Tent, size medium, used for only five nights; $2,800. I really like this tent, and planned to keep it, but we have a project going on at home where I will need to put this in storage soon or sell it. I also have the awning brackets that mount to the side, and the tent comes...
  14. Massachusetts SOLD TrailRax Pak Rax (JL) - New, Just One - $180

    Let me get a UPS Ground shipping estimate in the morning and then I can get back to you.
  15. Massachusetts SOLD: ARB Compressor CKMP12 w/ Case & 10# CO2 Tank, Regulator, Handle

    Back in normal times I used to drive all over and probably could have swung by your way while on business. Not really happening these days.
  16. Items for Sale: TraxPax, ARB Compressor and CO2 Tank w/ Regulator

    Hello. I just posted a few items for sale, but wanted to let the locals know here as well: ARB CKMP12 Kit and CO2 Tank, Regulator & Handle TraxPax TrailRax JL I'm near Maynard, MA and willing to drive about an hour to meet up if anyone is interested.
  17. Massachusetts SOLD TrailRax Pak Rax (JL) - New, Just One - $180

    (1) TrailRax Pak Rax (JL) Single Unit, not a pair - $180. They were selling only as pairs when I ordered mine earlier in 2020. I only wanted one, but held on to the 2nd in case I changed my mind. One is enough for me for the RotopaX gas and water. This one for sale has never been used or...
  18. Massachusetts SOLD: ARB Compressor CKMP12 w/ Case & 10# CO2 Tank, Regulator, Handle

    For sale locally, not looking to ship: (1) two year old ARB CKMP12 air compressor (12V) w/ case and (1) Ten pound CO2 tank (aluminum) with Fixed Flow Regulator (150psi) and Handle Kit. I put together the CO2 kit about one year ago and use it on day trips, but used the ARB for camping trips. CO2...
  19. Does anybody have any regrets for NOT getting a Diesel?

    We've had one diesel SUV, so I'm no expert, but the torque and mileage were addictive. DEF wasn't an issue at the time because VW/ Audi were making sure that 3.0L barely used any. Pretty sure I would have gone diesel if it was available in January 2018 when my order was placed, but there is no...