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  1. Rotors- Why do they look like this?

    What do the pads look like. Either the rotor was never machined correctly, the pad isn't sitting right in the caliper, or the master cylinder isn't diverting pressure correctly. Is the brake fluid low?
  2. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    That is a literal, rolling hazard. Any cop could pull him over for that and impound it. The fine would be hilariously expensive.
  3. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Think of it as rust proofing.
  4. I laughed at all the 392 buyers! 😥 what a dummy.

    It's just a Jeep. Start from there.
  5. Maintenance Day over the weekend

    Thanks. It started out in really rough shape.
  6. Maintenance Day over the weekend

    I replaced the oil pan gasket, changed the oil and tightened the belts. Ready for another summer.
  7. I only use this once per year

    Yeah, but look at all the places it took him and the trouble it got him out of!
  8. I only use this once per year

    Probably something like this:
  9. Choices! 35s, Lift, or Winch?

    Wheel it. After a few trips you'll know what you need. I use my winch around the house to rip bushes and smaller trees out of the ground. A winch is good for all kinds of things.
  10. JL resale values are insane!

    You never sell firearms, you find them new friends.
  11. Has anyone hauled 8ft lumber in their JL 4dr

    Since you have a hard top, you can bring some towels and throw them on the roof. Tie the boards up there or run some ratchet straps. Or, you can fold down the windshield and run them through the inside. :)
  12. Cracked Windshield Club

    Here in MA, windshields are replaced for free if you have full coverage. After 2-3 winters, you just smack it with a hammer and get a new one. *I'm not from here, but have been told some things by the locals.
  13. JL resale values are insane!

    Try looking at the price of old Toyotas.
  14. JL resale values are insane!

    The resale prices of these Jeeps, coupled with the chip supply chain issues, is exactly why I now need to wait at least until Fall before getting a new vehicle. I'm glad you guys are getting more than you paid for your vehicles, I mean, who has ever been able to say something like that? I'm...
  15. Charge battery while flat towing 2018 JLU Rubicon

    Just give it a jump if it doesn't start.
  16. Total loss for my Willys...but i'm fine.

    I guess I'm not built metric.
  17. Total loss for my Willys...but i'm fine.

    Glad you're ok. I somehow ended up with a huge package of Canadian toilet paper. I can send you a few rolls. They don't fit my American hands/butt as well as I'm used to.
  18. Where do you store your pistol / gun?

    I carry it IWB, where it belongs. I live in MA, so, ymmv.
  19. Fist Look at Gecko JL Wrangler

    Looks like someone caught Hulk in a crosswalk.