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  1. 21 JL first outing, what did i do wrong?

    Wow, tough crowd! As a fellow soon-to-be Jeep newbie, some of these posts make me feel like we showed up in our new Wranglers like this: (Totally kidding, and no offense intended if this is someone on the forum or their daughter... )
  2. Full 4xe Review by The Straight Pipes

    Is 4WD unavailable or highly restricted when running in electric only mode? When accelerating through the mud at around 10:10 in the video, the rears are spinning like crazy, and it doesn't look like much power at all is going to the front. He claims that he had it in 4 HIGH PART TIME and 4...
  3. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    Newbie to the Jeep world, but after living in Colorado for 20+ years and driving all kinds of vehicles, I'm a little surprised how many people think the 3.6L naturally aspirated engine is a good choice for high altitude performance. It sounds better and is potentially more durable and reliable...