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  1. Massachusetts Genright Tire Carrier

    Aluminum or steel?
  2. Florida WTT my OEM Red dash panels for your OEM Gray dash panels

    Too bad! Wish I had seen this earlier. I appreciate it. Good luck.
  3. Florida WTT my OEM Red dash panels for your OEM Gray dash panels

    I live in Gainesville. We can make it happen! Let me know.
  4. Washington AEV Bumpers

    Being in Florida, I just realized you are in Washington so shipping may price me out of this. I don't imagine you will have too hard of a time selling it though. I will think about it and see what options my buddy can provide me for shipping but at this point, it may be too much to purchase.
  5. Ohio Desert does it seat jacker

    Let me know if you decide to sell it outright and what price if you cannot find a trade. Thanks!
  6. Washington AEV Bumpers

    Potentially interested in the front. Any idea what the weight of the front is? Running a chopped JK AEV front and if the weight is a good chunk less, I would be interested in upgrading.
  7. Lightsout 4xe Build

    I dig it! How are you enjoying the Hybrid/Electric aspects of it? Also, nice Ebikes. I've built a couple non-fat tire cruisers with BBSHD and daily ride a Turbo Levo Expert. E-bikes are addicting.
  8. Connecticut [WTB] Uconnect 8.4 + BEZEL + Unlock code (only Jeep branded please)

    I've been thinking about replacing my 8.4 with something custom because I've done it on all my previous vehicles... bad habits. I am unfamiliar with the lock code but will look into it more. Just wanted to post here to start a convo. Feel free to PM me.
  9. New York 2018-21 Wrangler JL/Gladiator Parts

    How many miles are on the Ripp Kit?
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Damn, I love this tire carrier. If I decide to add a 5th wheel, I feel like this is the only way I would do it. Looks soo good!
  11. When do you REFUEL?

    Whenever I have free time while driving home. Mine stays usually at 3/4 or higher. I rarely go under half a tank. Never hurts to be prepared haha. If I am making a trip 3+ hours, I let it go down pretty low but fuel up before getting to destination so I won't need to when leaving. I never run it...
  12. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    They are the Rockslide Engineering steps. Pricey but I love the damn things.
  13. California FS: Genright ULTRA Clearance Stubby Front Bumper

    Dang, on the total opposite coast as me. if you're interested in shipping, shoot me a price to 32608 zip code and if it's not outrageous, we can go from there.
  14. Arizona JLU Hardtop with Freedom Panels, Sunrider Top, and Rhino Rack! $2500

    Shipping price on sunrider to 32608 if you don't mind. Thanks
  15. Wisconsin JL Accessory Bundle

    Shoot me a pm'd price for topsy kit if you still have it.
  16. 🚨New Product - ACE JL Delete Plate 🚨

    Could you post a picture from the side? It looks flush so I was wondering how the rear vents work. Also, could you reference height between light and camera mount? It could work for an idea i've had for a while. I dig it!
  17. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Scooped some new rubber and enjoyed some topless weather in florida. Had 8 days no rain, it was a miracle.
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Managed to get 4 rubber donuts in the Jeep. Guy was a little shocked rolling up with no trailer or anything to buy them.🤣 4 patagonia my 40s, less than 100 miles for $1k. Thought I'd try them out.
  19. Anyone else having issues with Rockslide Engineering steps?

    Well, I'm going on 26,000 miles with mine on since day one. No snow so I can't speak to those issues but they've served me well with rain and mud. I recently got a refurbished one after I more or less destroyed pass side slipping off a ledge onto the worst rock ever. Definitely careless driver...
  20. Redline Tuning Hood Struts - 5 minute Bolt-In installation!

    Installed, posted in my build thread. Super easy, works as advertised! Posted on a couple facebook groups so I bet you'll get hounded by a few of my friends shortly.