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  1. Gladiator JT Steel Skid Plate on a Wrangler JL - Install & Pictures

    I did the same on my willys but my only concern is the steel bumper. I was told there will be rub on mopar steel bumper if you have the mojave skid plate. It needs a modification for the bumper. Now I am targeting the rugged ridge Spartacus bumper, what do you guys think?
  2. Iowa Mopar tire and 3rd brake light relocate

    Still available? Also what's that antenna for?
  3. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Damn! she's so sexy
  4. Willy's package with rock rails on order... looking for advise on mud guards. Do or Don't and which ones if yes.

    I took off the factory rock rail and sell it on forum, then I ordered the Mopar tubular side step. It works perfectly with the mud flap.
  5. 1.5 inch Lift Suggestion for JL Willys

    Thank you all for sharing opinions, so here's an update for what I've done today: I found someone who was going to do the same thing I did: install rubicon shocks which came from fully loaded JL rubicon. Thanks to that guy I don't have to dig in the part number. Here's the picture what I got...
  6. 1.5 inch Lift Suggestion for JL Willys

    Looks nice man, so you just replace the rubicon springs and Willys shocks and that's all Is there any parts that required for this mod?
  7. 1.5 inch Lift Suggestion for JL Willys

    Damn! Now I am seriously consider your mod, what's the tire size on your Willys?
  8. 1.5 inch Lift Suggestion for JL Willys

    Do you mind share your Willys pics? Thx
  9. 1.5 inch Lift Suggestion for JL Willys

    Hello everyone, I am currently planning to use 1.5inch lift kits on my Willys. I know it sounds weird, but I want to stick with my stock tire. So the Mopar 2inch lift might be too high for me. I hope to lift my Willys within a reasonable price while still maintaining controllability. mainly...
  10. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Same here. 2020 Sarge green Willys plus stick shift. The best decision I made.
  11. Illinois Willys, Sahara taken off air dam & front skid plate (hardware included)

    As the topic says, taken off from my 2,500 mile Willys, they might look dirty, but there is no damage on it, haven't take my baby to do the off road. Asking $30 for each, $50 for buying together. Prefer local pick up.
  12. Illinois Mopar Steering Stabilizer

    Taken off steering stabilizer only 2,500 mile. Asking $30 for local pick up. FYI, there is no damage or any of scratch on this stabilizer.
  13. JT Mojave’s front skid plate on a JL?

    So here the underneath of my Willys, I not sure about the protection, what do you think.
  14. JT Mojave’s front skid plate on a JL?

    Guys! The skid plate fit perfectly and comes with awesome look. Thank you all
  15. JT Mojave’s front skid plate on a JL?

    Thanks for sharing. Just got one question: how did you put on the normal bolt & screws (M10) since we put on the bracket it will block the underneath... I am thinking of rivet nuts but I didn't order it from mopar. Are these rivet nuts come with special spec? or I may find a replacement from...
  16. Jeeps in Snow... post pics.

    This is my first winter storm in Chicago. Thank god I have my Willys.