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  1. Has anyone hauled 8ft lumber in their JL 4dr

    Time for a roof rack, you know you want one.
  2. Simply The Best spring sale!!

    I took advantage of the 10% off sale. What a nice top and no more messing with the Freedom tops. Storing the Freedom tops used most of the storage room in our 2-door Rubicon. So happy to be done with them.
  3. JL dolly towing behind RV redux

    With the front driveshaft freewheeling and the front axle disconnected, I see no reason why a JL couldn’t be towed on a dolly. That said, there must be something that we are not considering if the Manual is so specific about not towing on a dolly. Sometimes the engineers do know something we...
  4. Freedom panel - barely fit in back

    Removing and storing the Freedom tops is a PIA, they take up so much of the limited space available in the 2-door models,, It’s the reason I ordered a Sunrider top. The Freedom tops can now live in their bag, out in the shed.
  5. Size/Thread for holes in roll cage?

    I used a un-tapped hole in the roll bar for a CO2 tank mount. The existing holes are sized right for a 3/8-NC tap. Worked great.
  6. Pinyon mountain trail

    While I have taken my 2001 Jeep Cherokee through the slot twice, it was tight. My 2020 Rubicon is several inches wider and I declined to run the slot when we were out there two weeks ago. Maybe with a spotter, it would be doable. Anyone here done it in a newer, wider Jeep?
  7. Trail Cam Harness

    Any updates? I’m looking at the AV adaptor from Z Automotive and using it with a Natika or similar camera . The adaptor is for a 8.4 radio.
  8. Will the 4xe be unusable in hot weather?!

    Here in SoCal, the temps hit 121 degrees last summer and the interior of anything parked outside would be way above 131 degrees by mid-day. I would hate to have to get the battery jumper out to start on a hot day. I also see a problem for anyone living in a very cold northern climate with the...
  9. Skid Row Exhaust Loop Skid Plate "Improvements"

    Interesting that the only exhaust loop skids I found searching are the Skid Row plate and the EVO skid plate it appears that none of the big buck full skid plates manufacturers consider the exhaust loop worth protecting. My question is the exhaust loop less vulnerable than it appears? It looks...
  10. Having 2nd thoughts on the Rock-Trac HD Full Time 4wd

    My 1997 Jeep Cherokee still has the original NP242, which has an AWD mode, it's great fun to drive in snow or wet conditions. I wouldn't worry about wearing the new AWD transfercase out, just wish it had been available in 2020.
  11. Air Compressor Options

    I have used a CO2 tank for reinflating over the last 18 years, it's as fast as using a large air compressor and can run air impact tools, something 12-volt compressors usually cannot do. The CO2 system I use, from Polyperforamce, is much cheaper than a Powertank...
  12. Rear camera format?

    I hate coming to the top of a steep climb and have no idea what is on the other side. Instead of getting out to take a look, a front camera would be appreciated and be a time saver. . Does anyone know the type of rear camera format used? I want to find an A-B switch, in the right format, and...
  13. How to Beat Death Wobble! (An Algorithm to Diagnose The Issue)

    Jeeps have suffered from DW for decades, it's not just an issue for late models. DW seems to be in the nature of solid front axles My TJs and XJs, along with a 4X4 Dodge Dakota and a 1959 Ford F100 4X4 have had the problem. Wheel bearing looseness caused the problem with the Ford and Dakota...
  14. Top 10 things Jeep should have done

    Change to 8" or wider wheels. My Rubicon came off the lot with the upgraded wheels. With the high fenders, 35"s can be fitted without lifting. Too bad the Jeep's wheels are only 7.5" wide, too narrow for 35"s, which need a minimum of 8" wide wheels. Jeep evidently wants to sell more aftermarket...
  15. Patching Rhino Rack bolt holes in JLU Hard Top?

    A plastic epoxy can be used to mend the holes...