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  1. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue

    Im glad I came to this thread because my CEL came on a couple of days ago and I hadn’t heard of any issues with others… now I see I’m not the only one. Finally got around to the dealership yesterday and it gave me a code of P-1503-00, “Control Pilot Duty Cycle Out of Range.” The service advisor...
  2. South Carolina Rubi wheels, tires, tpms, lug nuts, plus a rubi takeoff suspension with mopar longer LCAs

    Interested if available. I’m in Charlotte area but can make the drive down. Please let me know if still available.
  3. Lightsout 4xe Build

    That’s awesome to hear cause that’s the exact adapter that I ordered!
  4. Lightsout 4xe Build

    I see you have a Tesla as well. Do you use an adaptor with a Tesla charger or do you have a different level II charger?
  5. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    Saw it at the dealer on Saturday and snagged it up while I was there! Loving driving it so far! Very different than my JTR on 37’s!!