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  1. Trade?

    I would be!
  2. Trade?

    gauging interest on trading my JLU hardtop for a soft top? Any potential takers?
  3. Aftermarket covers/anything!?

    Either TBH. I was just hoping some sort of a solution would appear any day or would have appeared by now. :/
  4. Aftermarket covers/anything!?

    Has anyone found anything that my be somewhat waterproof, easy to install, could even be a non factory offered quick drop soft top? Summer is coming. Colorado is notorious for spring/summer showers and I’m looking for away to delete the hard top til fall. Cheers!
  5. Tire/backup camera dilemma

    Great look man. Yes, it’s a stupid problem to have. Hopefully more news soon!
  6. Tire/backup camera dilemma

    First of all. Badass set up. Please share photos. I am using whatever stock carrier supplied from manufacturer. Most likely, I’ll end up going with a new rear bumper anyway, so the occasional beep may be on notice.
  7. Tire/backup camera dilemma

    So I initially posted this because I knew that other people had added wheels & tires well before I had. No one mentioned this being an issue. I thought maybe the offset? Or just a funny issue with my bumper that should be checked with Jeep? I’ve covered every scenario. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Tire/backup camera dilemma

    Hey sorry for the delay. He was on vacation. He jerry rigged it with a spacer he had from misc. parts from his XJ. Nothing to write home about. Not a long term solution, and I have to say - doesn’t work 100% of the time. I would probably invest in the quadratec replacement just to have it...
  9. Tire/backup camera dilemma

    The guys at, where I work. Cary (master tech), wheels some crazy Jeeps. Short version is it’s all fixed. Except, my day ran late to figure out how. If it were my guess? I’d say he spaced it out further. But I’ll know more tomorrow!
  10. Tire/backup camera dilemma

    They are working on it right now. I think it is the overhang from the tire. Ill keep you posted! Also, the U the tire gives the camera is livable - its just that damn sensor! stay tuned...
  11. Rough Country released 2.5 inch lift today for JL Wrangler

    Here we go - RC 2.5", 285/70/17 Nitto Terra Grappler G2, 17" American Racing Bajas. Im sure the lift has settled by now, and I used the Mopar 2" Alignment instructions provided above. :D
  12. Tire/backup camera dilemma

    So I put on 285/70/17 with the American Racing bajas -12mm offset today. Idk if anyone else is having this problem. But the rim of my wheel is directly obstructing the bottom half of my camera and seems to be driving the distance sensor absolutely mad. Anyone else experience this? TIA!
  13. Tire Question: Nitto G2

    Nitto Terra Grappler G2. My mechanics dad got 80k miles from a set of 4 on a 1500 pickup. So I used that as a recommendation for my Jeep! (:
  14. Rough Country released 2.5 inch lift today for JL Wrangler

    So it went on today! I’ll put better photos up soon elsewhere. My dealership has a full service center, so I was able to get it done at work. Took him 2.5 hours to install.
  15. Rough Country released 2.5 inch lift today for JL Wrangler

    Interesting! Thanks for the follow up. Will let my guy know about shocks. We start bright and early tomorrow. :)
  16. Rough Country released 2.5 inch lift today for JL Wrangler

    I checked with RC, apparently doesn’t need longer brake lines. Was this your experience? Just don’t want guitar strings! Beautiful by the way!
  17. I removed the JL Wrangler Sport "Euro" Close Out Cover Bumper Pieces

    I totally missed that. Thanks for being my eyes! :P That’s a great job btw. The lift/wheels/tires go on tonight or tomorrow. I may have my guy put the knife to it and just get it done. Thanks again!
  18. I removed the JL Wrangler Sport "Euro" Close Out Cover Bumper Pieces

    Would it be possible to just trim the space between? I hate it on mine. But I don’t want to expose electrical to the elements haphazardly.
  19. Side view mirrors for doors off driving suggestions?

    I like the look of these, will probably purchase them when I get my hangers/hoist for the garage.