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  1. 8.4 inch Uconnect Radio with Bezel. Nav

    8.4 inch Ucoonect radio with Nav and Bezel. Part number 68295725AH. $1000.00 shipped to a US address. I purchased this radio September 2019 from Mopar Wholesale Parts so it is unlocked. I traded my JL for a JT and put the 5 inch radio back in since it matched the VIN.
  2. Installed Power Door Locks to my JL Sport

    Good write up! After locking my key in the Jeep 3 times and fussing with trying to fit my arm between the seat and the pillar to lock or unlock the rear doors, I installed power locks!
  3. Firearm and knife collectors

    Tragically my jet ski sank with this aboard in deep water. Now, I have no guns!
  4. Florida Roll Call!

    New guy in Port St Lucie. Just picked up a manual transmission Unlimited Sport stripper 2 weeks ago. I've been out of the Jeep world a few years. I've had a few Wranglers and square body Cherokees and even a mail Jeep. The only options I have on this one is the hard top, Mopar side steps...