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  1. Hellcat in a JL or JT?

    It would take more to make the hellcat usable in the JL, bit similar changes would need to be made for even ther 5.7 hemi just less extreme. Where if they were going through the engineering to add any v8, might as well add the upscale option of the hellcat.
  2. Hellcat in a JL or JT?

    Depending on the upgrade cost to order the hellcat from factory, I'd sell
  3. *FOUND* High-Altitude Intake Tester Needed

    Living in Utah at 4700 ft. and would be interested
  4. Northridge4x4 3.5" Rock Krawler Suspension Giveaway!

    Entered! Thanks for doing this.
  5. Ripp Supercharger for 2018 3.6L JL Wrangler

    I'm not sure I understand, if they are not on a correct scale and all your doing is just displaying graph then what is the purpose of the graph? I ask because I don't see the point if the numbers the graph is being overlaid onto don't matter. Just seems like all that is being displayed is a...
  6. Ripp Supercharger for 2018 3.6L JL Wrangler

    What happened to all of Prodigy's posts on their turbo? I could have sworn they had a thread on it, other than the discussion going on here I mean.