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  1. 2.0 Turbo average MPGs

    18 2.0 turbo riding on 35s with 2"lift. Still getting 22mpg
  2. New Hampshire SOLD. Spidertrax Wheel Spacers $150

    No, they sold last weekend. I'll mark these sold.
  3. New Hampshire Spare tire hard cover

    Excellent condition, used 8 months. Boomerang rigid tire cover, orange with distressed flag. Fits 33" tire. $260 new Selling for $150, includes shipping
  4. New Hampshire SOLD. Spidertrax Wheel Spacers $150

    2 pair of Spidertrax Spacers Model # WHS024. Fits 2018+ JL/JLU. Used less than one year. $150 shipping included.
  5. ORACLE Oculus Bi-LED Headlight Upgrade for the Jeep JL / JT

    I just finished installing the Oculus headlights, fog, rear brake, backup and front switchbacks. Very pleased with the results. All Oracle LEDs. I'll try to get a picture tonight and post it.
  6. Shops in VT, NH

    TORQ in Rochester NH. Knows his stuff, honest, fair pricing and doesn't upsell.
  7. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    DITTO, mine seems slightly better. But it isn't right. Waiting on the recall.
  8. Florida $200 Bridegstone Duelers(5)

    Approximately 3500 miles on 4, spare has zero. Need them gone in next two weeks. Located in Venice Florida.
  9. What Made YOU Fall in Love with Jeep?

    A friend in high school. His dad had an early 50s Willys that we would cruise around in. That was 1976. I've rode in various jeeps, liberty, cj, yj, tj, and now jl. My 5th wrangler is my favorite, 18 JL Sport S with a few ozz-ifications. Thanks to fellow forum members for providing the parts and...
  10. Easy/Feasible to remove floor carpeting?

    Not yet, but I think it's in my future. Did BedTred in my 06 Rubicon. Great stuff.
  11. Anyone regret installing Rubicon suspension on Sport?

    I will be installing a complete rubi suspension on my 18 Sport S in the next couple of weeks. I already have the BFG 285s on my stock wheels. I'm wondering if I need to install wheel spacers with this set up. Have any of you that have swapped in the Rubi suspension, added wheel spacers to...
  12. Anyone regret installing Rubicon suspension on Sport?

    If he isn't interested, I'm in Venice FL and would be very interested in your Rubi suspension.

    So a $1000 upgrade to led from fca and requires more $$$ to flash? I'll pass.
  14. Steering Issue Improved or Disappears After Break-in?

    The steering damper was replaced Thursday. Friday I drove on the interstate for about an hour, at average speed of 75. The steering drift is only slightly better. Time to take it up a notch.
  15. Electric Ratchet for Top/Doors

    Now that's a funny response. Hadn't seen that one before!
  16. Installed BedTred today

    According to the directions that come with BedTred, you are not supposed to use floor mats.
  17. Newbie Jeep owner- need advice on headliners.

    Check out