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  1. Car Wash with softtop?

    I do it all the time. 2 door in SW Florida living off a dirt road, love bugs and all means of insects. I have to at least once a week.
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Just add my personal touch.
  3. Can’t even go to 7/11 and not spend Jeep $

    I know how he feels. I took the top of the Jeep today and went out there and you know what happened.
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Oh shit, I just said to my wife I wanted to do the same thing. Can’t have two of us in the same area looking alike. 😁
  5. Florida Guy Happy But Frozen

    I put the top down on Monday. It hasn’t been up since.
  6. Door pin guides and bushings

    Has anyone tried this or know about it. I’d like to do it if it’s worth it.
  7. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Update. After several tries they finally got it right. 1. On both bottom hinges the door would rub the hinge and damage the new paint. They adjusted the hinge and now it’s good. (I will see how well it lines up after I take the doors off and try to reinstall them) 2. When they...
  8. Florida Guy Happy But Frozen

    Alright. I picked it up this morning from Cape Coral. Took the windows out and had the top down all day. Man it felt great.
  9. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I’m about to head to the dealer to pick up my 18 white sport from paint repair. I’ll post tonight about the paint match and how it turned out. 🤞
  10. Florida Guy Happy But Frozen

    I couldn’t wait for this weather just so I could enjoy the drive the the cool air. But alas the Jeep has been at Cape Coral Jeep going on the 3 week for paint bubble repairs. Just got the call tonight that it’s ready. 🤷. We’ll see. 🤞
  11. Does nobody love bare bones Jeeps anymore?!

    I traded a 2016 Ram 1500 Big Horn for a bare bones 18’ Wrangler. The only thing is my knees (after 30 years of tile work) just can’t take a manual as a daily driver. I hardly use the a/c and I live in SW Florida.
  12. Bronco Temptation..

    My wife doesn’t like my Jeep. But she does like the Bronco. So in a couple of years we will be a Jee/Bronco family
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I want. Where did you find them?
  14. Upgrading from the 5" UConnect3 to 7" UConnect4?

    I pick up a stack from LQK for $100. I used a vgate icar pro OBD. And $19 license fee for my vehicle. Set the a/c to dual zone atc. And it all works.
  15. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    It seems to be the case there.
  16. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Charles Santana was the tech. I’m going to contact FCA direct. See if a claim was even submitted. Something just doesn’t feel right.
  17. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I went to Cape Coral Jeep 3 weeks ago before my 36000 mile service. I started the process to get the hinges fixed. Both doors and hood hinge. The service tech sent me to an independent collision shop. Never heard back. I called today only to find out the tech doesn’t work there anymore and when...
  18. Crash

    So you’re the one holding up traffic on Del Prado when I was trying to get home last night. I’m glad no one got hurt.
  19. Jeep Introduces New 6.4-liter V-8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept

    I don’t give a rip. Put It out and I’ll sell my sport and buy it.
  20. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    What model ram mount is that?