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  1. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    Mine full read axle replacement is still waiting to be delivered. 2 weeks going on 3. I have 8k miles left on the 60k warranty wondering what could happen now after they installed the 37s/wheels/mopar lift. Those will be covered under warranty for 2 years including labor. Does anyone know if the...
  2. Century Club 100K Miles

    Well. I actually don't know. I had an oil change and tire rotation at a Mavis. A month later (last week) I had my Jeep in for new wheels/tires/Mopar lift at my local dealer. I didn't buy my Jeep there but I thought let me get the install warranty since I don't have my own driveway. Paid $700 a...
  3. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    What's inherent with the design? The noise, the clicks, the "screaming" as my dealer described.
  4. Century Club 100K Miles

    52k miles in just over 2 years with my 2018 Sport 2.0. Only issue so far is my rear axle failed this week after installing wheels/lift/37s. Can't wait to get it back...also 50/50 commuter+road trips miles.
  5. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    Just recently had the same issue on mine. Just a Sport without LSD. They're replacing my entire rear axle. Another member had a similar issue he's had his replaced 3 times by the dealer. I'm at 52k miles and it's covered under warranty.
  6. Never thought I would have a 4cyc!

    This all sounds so different from 2019 when I got my 2018 2.0 w/E. Sounds like the changing of the guard. I waited 2 years to do the whole wheels/tires/lift. Currently still waiting for it to be done as the rear axel failed. So far absolutely 0 issues with the engine at 52k miles.
  7. Rear differential bearings are defective, less than 500 miles

    I had this same issue. Dropped my 2018 Sport for 37 inch tires, new wheels, and the Mopar lift. After all was said and done the service advisor said his tech drove the Jeep around the building and the rear was screaming. Ordered an entire new axel at 52k miles covered under the power train...
  8. Rear End issue bad differential bearings

    Same issue. Same mileage! Except I had them out in 37s. Warranty fix right now. Edit* No LSD
  9. adjusting the clock constantly?

    I just turned it all off after fixing it about 4 times and it wouldn't stick. It doesn't make sense that it would be so bad. My collection of watches don't ever have that much drift - digital, atomic (outdated), analogue, or GPS (most accurate), or smart. 5" Sport here. So I use my phone on a...
  10. Aggresive 37” or 38” A/T Tire recommendations

    I have been running Falken Wildpeak AT3W at 285.75.R17 - have been great in the NY area over the last two years. I have a lift and will run the Wildpeaks at 37” (or 36.5) actual. Love the ride, quiet, and performance wet/snow.
  11. Why are Wrangler mirrors attached to the doors?

    I figured this 2 years ago. I have since cleaned up the install a bit. I still use vinyl to keep everything buttoned up - only had to replace it once so far. No issues with car washes and I daily this setup. I set...
  12. For those of you who had "MILES" on your new JP. Did you also have one of these on the window?

    Not much to add to this myself, but this was my first new vehicle with only 2 miles on the dash. It sat for a year before I bought it. 2 years later I am at 51k. My other new FCA vehicles had between 24-45 miles on them no paper slip of any kind.
  13. IronRock Off-road JL 3" Premium Series Lift Kit

    Does anyone have experience with their products or any of these kits? Looking to add this to my 2 Door Sport. Would I need anything that is not inc;used in this kit or does this cover everything? Appreciate any insight nothing found on the forums here.
  14. How is the soft top in the winter? (real winter)

    I only have a soft top near the NYC tristate area. The last winter was mild, and this year is off to a great start. Most people idle in their cars to stay warm - you’d probably have to do this mostly with a soft top although I have no experience with a hard top. I would say that it has not been...
  15. Trade In Value - How many smiles per $$$

    Please note before you proceed that this is an honestly hypothetical post - although my mileage is accurate it is used a reference point. I currently have a 2018 JL Sport. 41k miles as of today. 18 months into payments out of 48 months*. I have spent $3.6k on mods ($1.3k was just for tires)...
  16. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    As far as I know there is no first responders kit :( Can't say much for glare yet. I have not used these at night, but I can say that the gaskets are tight up against the windshield.You will lose all of the area above the rear view mirror. Keep that in mind as it will make your small windshield...
  17. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Lit this up today (Stealth Light Bar)
  18. Falken Wildpeak AT3W 285/65R18 on 2019 JL Unlimited Sahara?

    I have a 2018 Sport JL with Falken Wildpeak AT3W @ 285/70R/17 - No lift - no rub - .75" spacer in the front just to level it after my front bumper. Edit*** Before (Stock) and After (WildPeak)
  19. Door Issue

    This is the perfect picture showing exactly what the Jpeggz do to your hinges. Thank you for sharing. Gonna say it one last time just to make sure everyone who has these issues can find this answer. The Jpeggz will take your hinges off alignment (when you screw them on!!! - not when they sit...
  20. Door Issue

    Regular hinge foot pegs will not change the geometry of the hinges. I've used them for over a year and my hinges have not moved. Stop using the Jpeggz take them off and realign your hinges now - you might need some help and the proper hand tools to do this, but if shouldn't take more than a few...