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  1. Front LCA 190 ft-lbs?

    GREAT idea!!!! What app did you use for the overlay?
  2. DV8 LED Headlights

    Just an FYI......that fuse tap won't fit. You need one for the micro fuses. Found out from experience after ordering that same one.
  3. DV8 LED Headlights

    Just wanted to follow up after I got mine installed. them!!! Great output!!! However, I did run the very thin white Halo wire to the fusebox, and used a fuse-tap to plug into an unused seat warmer slot. The halos worked great for a couple weeks, then went on a trail ride, then...
  4. Crystal Rubi 2 Door mOds

    how ya like the wheels so far? Looking at the same ones.
  5. What do people think of the teraflex nomads?

    Do you have the Deluxe or basic wheel? And what's the difference between the two???
  6. Clayton Off Road: JL Overland Plus Lift Kits

    Question for those that have installed the lifts. I know that you set the lengths of the control arms for your specific vehicle & size of the lift, and this in turn helps set the caster & pinion angles. Is there anything specific that anyone uses to verify that it's within spec as recommended...
  7. Looking for this wheel style with Tires mounted

    I think you meant "ARCUS".....not oculas. Just installed mine this weekend. Pain in the ass to install, especially with no help....but I love the look of it.
  8. Wiring Halo DRL / Amber Turn Switchbacks, Fender LED DRL / Switchbacks on JL Sport

    My fault.....I forgot to mention that I followed the instructions, and programmed it with the JSCAN app. Once I did that, I went into the radio settings and it wasn't there. Also, I mentioned that we have two JLU's - but only one is on the JSCAN app currently. Figure if I mess up and turn one...
  9. Wiring Halo DRL / Amber Turn Switchbacks, Fender LED DRL / Switchbacks on JL Sport

    We have two 2018 Sport S and neither have the DRL option in the radio settings menu
  10. DV8 LED Headlights

    Quadratec has these in stock, and running a 10% discount this weekend for President's Day. Just placed my order!!
  11. Rugged Ridge Spartacus HD Tire Carrier Installed

    Any suggestions for a CB mount? I see a few people have mentioned it, and there have been some pics with CB antenna's.....but I can't find any definite answers, recommendations or products that anyone has used. I currently use the Terraflex antenna / flag / whip mount (model # 4997192), and...
  12. Tennessee Bestop Sunrider black diamond

    Sending you a DM
  13. Tennessee Rubicon wheels in Tennessee

    These still available?