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  1. Falcon Nexus Steering Stabilizer Relation?

    Thats a good idea, i'll do that shortly. Thanks!
  2. Falcon Nexus Steering Stabilizer Relation?

    Thanks, glad to hear that feedback. I will check it out. I'm using the Synergy high mount kit, but all seems level and smooth, just really firm.
  3. Falcon Nexus Steering Stabilizer Relation?

    Thanks for all the great info on the installation guys. Mine went on today. About the ride, I find it way too firm. Has lots of memory steer. The steering wheel will not return to center freely. Have to manually counter steer after every turn. Its new, so I assume there is a break in...
  4. Pictures Please ! JLUR with Mopar 2" Lift & 35s

    After waiting on an AEV Dualsport RT lift for my JLUR since December, Ive decided to pull the plug and go with the Mopar lift. I have a RTT and carry a few mountain bikes. My rig is an overlander that does some off-roading. I have steel bumpers and a Warn Winch. Other than that, shes pretty...
  5. AEV 2.5"

    That's not great. I haven't looked at them closely yet. Mine is being installed later this month. Can they be serviced? Anything of higher quality in the aftermarket that can replace them? I'm alreay adding an adjustable track-bar, tie-rod, steering stabilzer etc. Adjutable control arms...
  6. AEV 2.5"

    Just about to receive my 2.5" Dualsport RT lift for install. My shop recommended wheel spacers if I'm running 35s (KO2s) with stock Rubicon wheels. I'm not down with wheel spacers and am now considering the AEV Savegre rims. Those are killer rims, but I actually like the stock Rubicon rims and...
  7. Meet The TrailRax Pak Rax System

    Awesome, thanks. I guess that's an issue with mounting MaxTrax using any option in that location. They are super long. I guess the best option is similar to what's shown. I have a 4 person iKamper RTT which interfears with this setup unfortunetely. So what and how is it offset? Is it the...
  8. Meet The TrailRax Pak Rax System

    I'd appreciate seeing images of the 4 door MaxTrax setup. Ideally, combined with a Rhino Rack Backbone installed. Do the mounts of the tow systems interfere with each other, restrict mounting locations. The Rhino Rack cannot be relocated, can the Trail Rax? Cheers.
  9. What do you mount on your Pak Rax?

    Great thread, thanks. I'm interested in these for my JLUR. Would love to see some options for mounting MaxTrax. Cheers!
  10. Rugged Ridge JL/JT Snorkel kit installed

    Thanks so much for this post and file @partclay I am considering this CAI and happy to have found this helpful thread. I can get them done here is PETG. Do you think that will be ok? Thanks again!
  11. Guide: Wrangler Order, Build, Tracking and Delivery Process

    Any fellow Canadians receiving their orders? I have had a window sticker for a few weeks now but still can't access a build sheet anywhere online. Dealer is quiet as a mouse and not sharing much information. I've emailed FCA Canada but from my understanding, they can't provide any further...
  12. Tracking From Canada

    Amazing! Thanks. This is the only link I've found to work with Canadian vehicles. Does anyone have one that will show the build sheet or progress of build with codes? Cheers,
  13. Geometry Bracket and Steering Stabilizer for Jeep JL with 2.5 inch lift

    Cheers @SSinGA I am ordering the kit today. I have a few weeks until I get it slapped on. Your help is appreciated. Using just an adjustable track bar up front, do you think this would get acceptably parallel with the drag link? What would be best to avoid bump steer? An adjustabel track...
  14. Geometry Bracket and Steering Stabilizer for Jeep JL with 2.5 inch lift

    Thanks @SSinGA I will take this recommendation. Is it your impression that the front is ok without the track bar relocation bracket? What is best practice for getting the trackbar and drag link parallel again? Is adding a dropeed pitman arm required?
  15. Geometry Bracket and Steering Stabilizer for Jeep JL with 2.5 inch lift

    I'll be installing a AEV 2.5" Dualsport RT on my '21 JLUR shortly. For those opting for the adjustable track bar, are you ditching the track bar relocation brackets or are some of you using it in conjunction with the track bar? Can you get the adjustable track bar parallel with the drag link...
  16. Morar and Teraflex lift questions for my new JL

    Hey guys, First time Jeep owner and first post here on the Forum. I run a mountain bike forum and value just how helpful a community like this can be. So, thanks in advance for your knowledge and guidance with my build. I’m a newb, but hope to learn and help others as some of you will help me...