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  1. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Nice! Congrats. I picked up mine last Friday!
  2. Has anyone had their wheels stolen off their jeep lately? I'm debating getting wheel locks.

    I’m looking for a good way to lock my spare on my new Willys. Any recommendations? I like the ones @blnewt posted but my wheels came with chrome lug nuts so those would look odd and I didn’t see a chrome option. Thanks!
  3. Name on window sticker

    my name wasn't on the sticker I pulled up online, but it was on it when it arrived a the dealer (no input from me).
  4. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    mine just got to the dealer today - looking forward to picking it up as soon as the leather is installed. = )
  5. any good number crunchers want to help me out?

    leather isn't an option from the factory, but you can get katzkin leather installed through the dealer. leasehakr is a good lease info resource with a good lease calculator.
  6. Post your 2020 JL build status

    ordered my willys on 11/7 and got the call today that it just arrived at the dealer. now i just have to wait for the leather to be installed, but here are a couple pics to tide me over =)
  7. any good number crunchers want to help me out?

    thanks. i don't foresee having to quit the lease early, I'm just trying to account for different scenarios and figure out equity wise which way to go is best. I think after a couple years of payments I'd have equity from with buying, with leasing the RV seems high and if i decided to biuy it I...
  8. any good number crunchers want to help me out?

    that was for a 60 or 72 month loan, with the idea that the interest rate is pretty low and i can pay it off early if i want but won't be tied to high payments in case something happens. I'm also trying to figure out the sweet spot in buying if after a few years I want out of this jeep for any...
  9. any good number crunchers want to help me out?

    yeah, that's part of my thought - that i'd be 'buying" the leather but leasing the rest.
  10. any good number crunchers want to help me out?

    couple questions about a lease (and while i'm not sure of i will lease or buy, i know the pros and cons of both as they relate to my situation/business) here goes: 2020 Willys 4 door I am having katzkin leather added before pickup. in running the lease numbers I'm trying to figure out where the...
  11. Only California Dealer worth working with!

    Yeah. I figure it can’t hurt to try but in the end it’s not a big deal or a deal breaker - especially since around these parts getting 5% is awesome :).
  12. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    hey @Jennalee, how are you finding the MT tires in this rain?
  13. My Dogs Are Eating My JL Alive!

    let your huskies in the house? give them a job to do to keep them from getting bored? huskies are determined beasts as you probably know and will figure out a way to do/go where they want. besides pit bulls and chihuahuas they are in our shelters the most because they are escape artists and will...
  14. Only California Dealer worth working with!

    Congrats! and good to know. I'm going to take the train down from LA when mine comes in, should be a nice trip. And I'm hoping maybe I'll get the tread lightly on top of the 5% too!
  15. Post your 2020 JL build status

    11/07 - ordered 11/09 - VIN received 11/12 - D1 11/15 - JB 11/18 - window sticker 11/19 - KZ status 11/20 - Goshen, Indiana on a rail car headed to so cal 2020 Willys 4dr Sting Gray 2.0L Turbo, Auto Alpine cold weather convenience (forced) 3 pc hardtop headliner 7" radio Leather upon arrival...
  16. Post your 2020 JL build status

    Ordered 11/7 Got window sticker today 11/18 Seems to be moving along. Anyone still getting their names on the window sticker? Mine doesn’t have it, and it’s silly but I was hoping it would :).
  17. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Got my window sticker this morning - kinda bummed it doesn’t have my name on it tho, i thought that was a really cool thing. I ordered 11/7 so it seems to be moving pretty quickly.
  18. Gotta start somewhere!

    Ok. Thanks. I’m in Los Angeles so maybe it won’t be an issue for me either.
  19. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Excellent. Thanks so much. I will ask him to check the pressure and also for an extended test drive. Crossing my fingers all will be good! I’m getting excited. :) Now I’ll need to decide which LA dealer to take it to for service.