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  1. Service Stop Start System

    been on for like a month but havent had any issues. Just haven;t gotten to take it in because it's a full day service
  2. Service Stop Start System

    Is it harmful to drive with the service stop start light on? It has been on for a while now and I can't get my jeep in to be serviced for at least another 2 weeks. Everyone is booked. Can this harm my vehicle?
  3. Any products for repairing damaged (scratched interior doors)

    After many ski trips the last few years I noticed these scratches on my door, probably from storing skis in my car for short periods of time and having gear rattle in the back. Any ways to fix this? I'm thinking i would probably have to repaint the plastic.
  4. Mopar Cold Air intake not coming to market??!!

    Just wondering if you ever found an answer to your question because I am looking at the same thing.
  5. Problems with uconnect system brightness

    The Uconnect system in my wrangler sport S seems like the brightness won't adjust at all which makes it hard to see during the day. Has anyone else had this problem?
  6. What shocks for Rubicon take off suspension (for my Sport S)?

    Im getting a rubicon takeoff suspension for my sport S and was wondering what size shocks I should be looking for the replace the factory ones? Does anyone have any reccomendations?
  7. Lift Kits vs Leveling Kits

    Thanks for the insight! I use my Jeep for road driving and moderate trails, not extreme rock crawling. I'm not concerned about rubbing because I already run 33 inch tires. And I want to get rid of front rake and get my sport up to a rubicon height. I'll be getting a bumper/winch as well.
  8. Lift Kits vs Leveling Kits

    Is it possible to level my jeep with a lift kit or do I just need a leveling kit on its own. If I choose to go with just a leveling kit what kind of downgrade in performance will I see?
  9. OEM vs OEE windshield replacement.

    The OEE option is about 120 bucks cheaper. Has anyone else gone with this? And how would you recommend it?
  10. What do I need to know before putting a JL Rubicon Suspension on my JL Sport S.

    Are there different spring numbers I should look out for? Or will they all give me the 1.5 inch boost.
  11. Stock JLU Sport S. Do I need shock extensions with a spacer lift kit?
  12. How would Ko2's or Ridge grapplers look on a jeep with the stock wheels?

    I've got stock sport wheels. No rubicon rims here hahaha.
  13. How would Ko2's or Ridge grapplers look on a jeep with the stock wheels?

    Want to upgrade the tires but kind of want to keep that classic jeep look and feel.
  14. What was the first modification you made to your wrangler and why?

    Hey what kind of bumper is this I love it
  15. Has anyone built a sleeping platform in the back of their JL? looking for some ideas.

    Wanna be able to do some car camping.
  16. Going for a more mellow and chill vibe on my JL. Anyone have wheel suggestions?

    Prolly gonna get roasted but I want something that's more laid back and mellow. Like cali beach vibes or something from my jeep.
  17. Best Ski rack to put on wrangler?

    Living in CO and make weekly trips to the mountains, whats the best rack I can put on my hard top in terms of being able to carry skis, still being able to take off the front freedom panels, and noise on the road?