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  1. Upset with dealership oil change

    You don’t really need to be certified to check a dipstick. All oil change problems could be fixed and avoided if people would just use the dipstick. How do you overfill ? you can’t. how do you underfill ? you can’t. I guess that’s why it has a dipstick.
  2. Upset with dealership oil change

    Lol Add this to the list
  3. Would 5'6" wife have issues climbing in / out of Rubicon?

    Lol , Jeep cares would ask for your wife’s Vin with seriousness.
  4. Rubicon 392 - A Little Info

    Lol , She should work for CNN or MSNBC not FCA. It just rolls off her tongue so free. She’s a natural.
  5. Will Jeep ever make a Hellcat Wrangler?

    Like anything else. It’s mostly up to the driver. A hellcat wrangler or stock six-cylinder wrangler could be just as safe. Like a six cylinder challenger and a hellcat challenger.
  6. Will Jeep ever make a Hellcat Wrangler?

    I’m surprised how judgmental some people are. Maybe not for me but , I certainly wouldn’t make fun of anybody if they wanted to buy one.
  7. Will Jeep ever make a Hellcat Wrangler?

    The lawyers got talked into a 1 year only hellcat dodge Durango. Lol
  8. Will Jeep ever make a Hellcat Wrangler?

    Jeep / FCA seems to be putting the 392 and the hellcat motor in everything that it will fit. Do we think the supercharged 6.2 will make it to the wrangler?
  9. Update: Reveal Coming Nov 17 @ 12PM ET! Production 392 Hemi V8 Jeep Wrangler Officially Teased!

    The same people that were saying There would never be a V-8 wrangler are now predicting its price. LOL. Don’t believe the hype. it will be affordable. Think for yourself.
  10. 392 Hemi V8 Wrangler Hinted by MOPAR?

    Wrangler Straight axle , Double checkmate Ford.
  11. 392 Hemi V8 Wrangler Hinted by MOPAR?

    full-time four-wheel-drive Dana 44’s , same concept Toyota used when they put a V-8 in the 4runner. Same axles just added full-time four-wheel-drive. They did the same thing with a manual transmission in the FJ cruiser only available with full-time.
  12. 392 Hemi V8 Wrangler Hinted by MOPAR?

    Wishful thinking about factory 37” tire. Current 32” could grow to 35” maybe.
  13. JL Wrangler vs Bronco rigs side by side look

    The Subaru/car suv IFS Bronco thing is already maxed out. The wrangler is the near stock and just getting started with 37” tires. And let’s not forget the companies and people who will chop IFS out convert over to wrangler style coil straight axles spend 30K then say look how much better the...
  14. JLUR - Plastic vs Steel Bumpers?

    Ordered mine with steel bumper group 19 Rubicon. No regrets. Aftermarket does not fit like factory.
  15. JL Frame Replacement Process & Pics

    Any Friday pickup update
  16. Adjustable Rear Track Bar???

    Yeti is adjustable on vehicle