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  1. I am pissed - rear diff is screwed

    I don't think JeepCares cares about a good ol' boy in Alberta.
  2. Yes this happened in NY today

    I *almost* vomited. I had to scroll past the picture really quick.
  3. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Method makes such sharp looking wheels.
  4. Wrangler JL Snow Plow?

    I figured I'd follow up on this thread, since I did decide to go with a light duty plow for my snow clearing needs. I have it mounted on a Sierra 1500, but there is a mount available for JL & JT. I've cleared two snowfalls with it so far. One was a light and fluffy 5 inches, and another was a...
  5. FCA Plans $23M Customization Facility Near Toledo Jeep Plant

    I’m also curious to hear how this story will develop, and what customizations will be done.
  6. Merry Christmas! What Jeep goodies did y'all get?

    It’s actually closer to 1% of the cost than .001%, but still a pretty good deal if you ask me! One of the best parts is I can have a lot of fun without even needing to leave my property!
  7. Merry Christmas! What Jeep goodies did y'all get?

    I made sure it had the most up to date steering box, no death wobble. LoL
  8. Merry Christmas! What Jeep goodies did y'all get?

    I picked this RC up a few days before Christmas, but I still count is as a gift to myself.
  9. Will the Bronco cause a price drop for the Wrangler?

    Initially, Jeeps will be cheaper for most of the "similarly equipped" models, because there will be "some" discounts / incentives. Any Broncos that make it to dealer lots in the first year or two will not likely be discounted. Jeep could certainly adjust their option packaging to combat the...
  10. Wrangler JL Snow Plow?

    On some properties you really have to be mindful of where you build your snowbanks. Once you set where they are, it's not an option to move them without large equipment. If it keeps snowing and snowing, you can run out of room to push the snow to.
  11. Wrangler JL Snow Plow?

    I just had an offer accepted on a property with a 290ft driveway, and I imagined that would take an unreasonably long time to clear with a walk behind snowblower. Maybe I'm wrong though. Honestly, I'm not really sure what my best option is right now. I'm thinking maybe a 20 year old pickup...
  12. Used Jeep values

    Before Covid, I came to the same conclusion. With options, the JL gets expensive. I looked at used, and decided that the savings were insufficient. My wife and I just keep deferring the decision.
  13. Lowered Gladiator

    Exactly. I believe a project like this is all about artistic expression. I'll throw a "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" on this one.
  14. Can 4 cyl handle these lift kit and larger rims/tires?

    You appear to have made a mistake. You listed 22" wheels (and called them tires) but 20" tires. Those don't match up.
  15. V8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept drive review by MotorTrend

    Certainly does not sound like a refined highway cruiser, but the highway has never been where the Wrangler has shined.
  16. Need Advice: Order the Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle on 21 JL?????

    Personally, I think LSDs were more helpful before the addition of electronic traction control systems.
  17. 2021 Wrangler Fleet Buyers Guide Shows Gecko, Nacho, and Chief Blue! NO MORE SARGE?

    My wife really likes the Chief colour. The JKs in that colour always turn her head.
  18. 2020 JL or wait for 2021?

    I know there are, and will continue to be good deals on 2020 models, but at this point, I'd be leaning heavily towards getting a 2021 with the steering updates. I assume all 2021 models will have the steering updates from the factory.