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  1. Livernois Mycalibrator Tune Claims 50HP Gains (on E85) for V6 JL Wrangler

    I would try E85 if you have it around. Much cheaper compared to 93 and better power. If the price spread is over 20% you will save money. I have been running it non stop since October.
  2. I finally understand why people hate mall crawlers

    Why anyone would hate on someone else for taking their jeep offroad or not is beyond me. You guys have way too much time on your hands.
  3. Did anybody ever suggest a trade for your Jeep?

    Never my Jeep yet but I used to get people offering to buy my Trans Am that I had for 19 years. When I put it up for sale last month it sold in 3 hours to a guy in Texas. He bought it only looking at the pictures online. He hired a service and had it shipped to him. It was a rare color with...
  4. Air Intake Question

    helmholtz resonator
  5. 2021 or wait for 2022. Lease due soon. What's new for 22???

    Most cars will last if you take care of them. Sure some have problems and you unfortunately bought one made on a friday. I generally keep a new car for 10 years and most have only had minor issues. I just sold my DD after 15 years, 200k miles and only replaced the water and power steering...
  6. Tazer un-marry for steering box

    If you dont unmarry when you hook it back up I believe it will overwrite anything the dealer did.
  7. Service Rip Off? Yes in my opnoin what do you think:-)

    Talk to any decent chassis shop that builds rear ends. They will tell you to change the diff fluid after 500 miles. I would never pay them to do it though. It's just as easy as an oil change on the JL.
  8. Nosey neighbor..

    36D, They are a lot of fun.
  9. Nosey neighbor..

    Holy crap op said he was not offended a dozen times. My neighbor asked me the same thing about my Jeep. I said they range between 35-60k depending on what you get,(before 392). He said, what did YOU pay? I said between I really didnt care that much but my neighbor is a bit...
  10. Nosey neighbor..

    I think we all need to post pics of our wife's racks to sort this shit out.
  11. HELP! Approaching 3yr/36,000 miles. Should I extend warranty?

    The way some dealers skirt around coverage no way. I am having problems with a dealer working on my DD under the factory 3/36.
  12. Garage Hoist Install

    A lot of videos on you tube. There are also full kits you can buy but I am cheap so I made my own. Here is what I did.
  13. Livernois Mycalibrator Tune Claims 50HP Gains (on E85) for V6 JL Wrangler

    Yes..2 mpg maybe more. I did not do a long run on 93. I switched to E85 pretty quick so I did not get a good baseline.
  14. Hardtop Creaking and Popping

    Not sure why people are talking about a noisy motor, that's not the issue. My freedom panels were squeaking, a bit of grease put a stop to that. Now the back is loud so I will grease the back window and where the hard top meets the body if needed.
  15. New TSB JL 2018 2019: Vehicle wanders requires constant small steering corrections - New Track Bar

    Does this help at all with steering issues for those that have had it done? I already have the new steering box and everything feels good. But I may bring the jeep in for the passenger seat poping. If this makes any difference I will ask them to put a new one in. If it's just bushings I cant...
  16. Anyone else have this under their dash?

    I checked my jeep for any devices awhile back, all good. But I did find one in my DD, that I purchased last year. I pulled it out, smashed it with a hammer and tossed it in the trash.
  17. Air intake advice / feedback?

    I have the mopar CAI. But I am a moron who is willing to cut a hole in a new vehicle. Not much increase in sound at all, only noticeable with the top down. I did it for looks but did see a slight increase in MPG after the hood vent was installed. Best thing you could do if you want more...
  18. Mopar Cold Air intake not coming to market??!!

    I would. I have driven in some decent rain and the inside of the airbox was dry. But a car wash I would definitely put it on.
  19. Anyone watch the Lite Brite Jeep Youtube channel?

    I get it, but porn hub is a click away. Does not take a whole lot of depth to put a half naked girl up for clicks. He wants to whore his wife out have at it.
  20. Anyone watch the Lite Brite Jeep Youtube channel?

    I just went to look at their channel so I could see what she looks like. Almost every thumbnail is of her in a skimpy outfit. Personally I always block channels that do that.