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  1. Diabolical Slide Floor Drawer Debut

    Can you do a quick video of it installed and give some dimensions of it. Thanks
  2. It starts... Trailer build

    Looking good so far. I'm looking to get one of these trailers but none in stock at the Lowes in my state. There are a couple 4 x 6 with the ramp on the back but none like you have.
  3. What Tailgate Table do you run?

    I ended using my Outback Adventures table from my JK. Drilled new holes and used the threaded holes on the rear door. I originally mounted it high cause I didn't think I would have enough clearance for it when I closed the door and just wasn't going to use the slide out shelf. Once I had it...
  4. Foldable table options

    Those are the same 2 tables I have. Both work really good.
  5. Overlanding without a roof rack, exterior storage or seat delete? Sky OneTouch top challenge

    That's the one. Installation was real easy. Seems real sturdy but haven't loaded it it up yet.
  6. Overlanding without a roof rack, exterior storage or seat delete? Sky OneTouch top challenge

    Fellow CT Jeeper. I just got the same Gazelle tent and am also working on getting all the camp gear to fit in my JLU, I did get a Vector Offroad Highland shelf for the back of mine which helps with space.
  7. Sleeping in the back

    How are you liking the half deep sleep? Is it comfortable seeing they are using foam in it versus just air?
  8. New product - ARB BASE rack system

    Looks like they offer a no drill option, unfortunately not much info/reviews out there on the rain gutter mount.
  9. Camp stove

    If you have extra money and want a stove that will last your lifetime and probably your kids, check out the Cook Partner stoves. Plus they are made in the US.
  10. Rear Light Bar

    Do you have any plans to offer dual colored lights on the rear light bar, similar to the KC Chase Lightbar? Interested in 2 amber lights(flasher/solid pattern) in addition to the clear led floods.

    Any Black Friday deals this year?
  12. Less expensive propane tanks

    Thats unfortunately the going price on them. I paid about $65 for an 11 lb tank a few months ago on
  13. Roof Rack and Basket

    I like exposed simplicity and no drill design since I may go roof top tent in the future, have they done any testing to confirm their numbers or are they still their simulation numbers?
  14. Mopar Brake Controller Installation

    I also used the Redarc. Where ever you decide to install it, make sure you have enough room behind the dash since the back side of that knob takes up some room.
  15. New York SOLD - Grocery Getter Basket for JL 4 Door Only

    How is the carpet put in, easily removed?
  16. Trailer overlanding

    What trailer do you have?
  17. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    Looking to get a rack and the DeeZee is at the top of my list, I don't want to drill the roof and might possibly get a roof top tent in the future. Now that some of you have had this rack for a while, any comments, complaints?
  18. Jeep jl wrangler parts for sale

    How much do you want for the Deezee roof rack? Where in MA are you?
  19. Scepter Military Gas Cans

    One I got at REI and one I got at Not sure which one came from where.