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  1. Half Doors

    We can make that happen, My build sheet currently includes the full option harnesses since they are about the same price. - Benny
  2. How Can We Help?

    Sorry but what exactly are you looking for? - Benny
  3. Mopar Jeep Performance Catalog

    PM sent - Benny
  4. Half Doors

    Require painting by end user, We do not offer them painted. - Benny
  5. How Can We Help?

    Hi Ben, We ship Fedex ground which is a premium service that includes Saturday delivery and sometimes Sundays as well depending on areas. I will send you a code that may help. - Benny
  6. 4xe parts

    Left side is still not showing, Sorry guys - Benny
  7. Half Doors

    Your welcome Emmanuel. Not just yet. - Benny
  8. Half Doors

    No sorry, they add another 750-800 -Benny
  9. Half Doors

    Front doors + interior trim parts list is complete. Cost will be around $2,500 for these before shipping. I am working on the Rear sets now. Thanks, - Benny
  10. Automatic headlights

    Im not sure if this is a plug and play mod but if you send me your VIN I can check your current options and can supply the #'s for the auto headlamp parts. - Benny
  11. Seven slot plastic cowl piece part number?

    Sure its 68307260AC Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, -Benny
  12. How Can We Help?

    Hi, There is only one listed but I think the ASG will prevent it from sitting up against the glass but rather it would have to fit between the modules and mirror. It can be found here I will send you a code if your interested. - Benny
  13. How Can We Help?

    Replied to PM Mike, Thanks! - Benny
  14. How Can We Help?

    Based on the notes just the springs are different but we wont know for sure until the parts list becomes available and then we can compare the components. - Benny
  15. How Can We Help?

    The kit was available but then went on hold for engineering review, It would seem they found some issue they need to look at. The review should be complete within the next few weeks. Please check back with me and I will update you then. Thanks, - Benny
  16. How Can We Help?

  17. New Rubicon CV joint axle shafts

    Hi Brandon, The joints alone are not available and I am not sure if you can retrofit just the axle shafts, I do not believe you can. Here are links to the axles for reference
  18. How Can We Help?

    Hi Chris, No as this combination is very common. I will PM you a code. - Benny
  19. How Can We Help?

    Hi Michael, Availability is good but we are at a 10 day order processing timeline right now. - Benny
  20. How Can We Help?

    Hi Jim, PM replied to Thanks, - Benny