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  1. Using aux switch to turn off 7-pin aux?

    My camper runs the fridge off DC which means it's drawing from my Jeep even when the Jeep is turned off, it's constantly charging my camper battery. This could be very bad and result in my battery going dead if left hooked up. I used my tester and it had power with the Jeep turned off. Is there...
  2. Picked up a camper yesterday

    I just picked up a KZ 191BHK last weekend and drove it through the mountains. My 2021 Rubicon pulled it wonderful although a bit painful on the mountains. Nice setup. Mine weighs around 3100lbs. The dealer didn't adjust my weight distro correctly, after the adjustment it's perfectly level! W00t
  3. Speedometer is wrong and tailgate....

    It magically started working again. That was weird! Gonna try to get the tailgate adjusted this week or next.
  4. Speedometer is wrong and tailgate....

    Just noticed today my speedometer needle is off by at least ten mph. The digital is correct. When I power off the Jeep it drops to 10 instead of 0. Anyone seen this before? No mods 100% stock 2021 rubicon, 4000 miles. Second question. My tailgate is sticking - have to pull the handle twice to...
  5. USB charging is slow?

    Just searching around the web. Slightly disappointed it doesn't fast charge :( Smart Charging, ugh. I kinda just assumed it would be faster. Thanks for the replies.
  6. USB charging is slow?

    I have a note20 ultra. Noticed the USB charging is very slow using the built-in USB ports. I've tried the USBC port, USB port, checked my settings, used OEM cord, and tried multiple cables. A search indicates I should be fast charging but the results were inconsistent. Any suggestions...
  7. That 6MT transmission: I really like it!

    I have a Rubi and I love the MT, but the reverse is really weird. I had a lot of trouble backing my pop-up with it and the first time I backed up my somewhat steep driveway, I stalled multiple times. I've been driving stick since 05, so it's not like I'm new to this. Overall, though, I love the...
  8. See light through the passenger door when closed...

    Gotcha, yeah, I just happened to notice one day. I may not mess with it and let it be.
  9. See light through the passenger door when closed...

    My JK paint was completely worn down to the bare metal. These came free with the Quadratec liner kit as well ;) I'll adjust it and see what happens, thanks!
  10. See light through the passenger door when closed...

    I agree. Maybe I have it up to far. If I remove it, though, it'll never reseat the sill guard without new tape.
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    My jeep is going to be mad at me as I just finalized the purchase of a new travel trailer that is 3000lbs... but I also installed new floor mats, door sill guards, and I gave it a bath!
  12. See light through the passenger door when closed...

    Yes, yes, my doors should be off but it's still cold out and I hate cold. Here is a picture. I added the quadratec door sill guards but i doubt that piece of plastic can cause the door to have a gap in it. Is this normal?
  13. No Jeep waves here :(

    I've had a Jeep for 18 years (holy shit) and while I enjoyed the wave, sometimes I just don't pay attention to vehicles passing me. It's no hard feelings against other people.
  14. Picking up JL Rubicon tomorrow- What can I expect?

    I picked mine up after trading in my manual 4dr rubicon (2015). It's a lot different than the JK lineup. I'll always forever love my JK and all the fun road trips I've had in it. But man, the JL feels solid compared to my last 3 JK's. The brakes, the clutch, the transmission, everything - feels...
  15. What's new in latest software update?

    I didn't get any notifications on my 2021. There's a few things I'd like to see fixed on the radio, lol
  16. STOP ORDER on all Manual Jeeps [Update: software flash fix arrives in March]

    I ordered my Jeep Jan 18th, arrived Mar 6 My dealer programmed the software update for the manual.
  17. What else do you drive?

    Digging that impressive flex! lol
  18. So who's trading his/her JL for a Wagoneer?

    I don't think the Wagoneer really interests the average person that drives a Wrangler, lol
  19. Jeep Wagoneer is taking a page from Lexus' book

    I've had a really good experience with my local Jeep shop, but their service managers are not the "friendliest" people and never really smile... won't even small talk in a friendly way. But they fixed my JK multiple times (left and right head, radiator, master cylinder) on the promised date or...
  20. I bought a fugly Jeep - meet Ric Flair

    Hmm, is that a Wrangler? Seriously though, you're doing an amazing job restoring the pride back to that Jeep. Nice work. Seriously, Amazon should be banned from selling Jeep parts.