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  1. Does this windshield fix by dealer look acceptable?

    JDoty47, did you ever fix your freedom top panel(s) so that they sit flat? ;)
  2. Tread Lightly on custom order question

    I have a feeling that you did not negotiate the best deal on your build. Do you mind sharing your msrp and the price that you agreed to? Call the sales manager and ask if they will accept TL. They get reimbursed from Fiat/Jeep for it anyhow so be sure to mention that. If they decline then ask...
  3. Creaking Doors...anyone?

    Newest member of the Creak Club checking in. :lipssealed: 2020 JLUR purchased in mid Dec. with 5500 mi. has both front doors creaking. I could tell that it was coming from inside the door around the door check area. I decided to search the forum today and low and behold this thread popped up. I...
  4. JL Windshield Sunshade

    Not sure if anyone has posted this inexpensive one. It's not a perfect fit as it's a smidge tall, but you do not have to put the visors down to hold it in place. Lightweight, tames the West TX sun rays, and it fits under the passenger seat nicely.
  5. ESS question

    Yes, I realize it shuts off the engine. However ESS doesn't crank the starter each time like it does when you are in an OFF state. That's what my question is based on since it has only happened a few times. Honestly it acted the same as if the ignition was on Accessory and then you pressed Start...
  6. ESS question

    I am new to ESS. A couple of times while at a light ESS kicked in, but it acted like the engine was completely off and was starting from a powered off state as if I was pressing the start button. Is that normal behavior?
  7. Bump stops

    My new wheels have 1" more back spacing compared to the oem's, so the 33" tire is sitting 1" away from the bump stop on the tailgate. Is it important to have the tire resting on the bump stop?
  8. Best offset for Rubicon JL with no lift?

    Mopar 77072470AB Gladiator Wheel in Black for 07-20 Jeep Wrangler JK, JL and Gladiator JT Color: Satin Black Bolt Pattern: 5x5 Size: 17x8.5 Backspacing: 5.2 Offset: + 11.43mm Wheel Diameter: 17 Wheel Width: 8.5 Shipping Weight: 31lb...
  9. Do I need spare tire relocation kit after mounting 315/70/17 tires on Rubicon wheels?

    10 lbs over is nothing to be concerned about. Look at the sheer number of people that are doing it without an issue.
  10. Black wheel owners - do you have hammered on weights?

    If you have black, or any colored wheel I suppose, did you ask the tire shop to not hammer on any weights and use stick-on only? My new black painted wheels have a lip on the inside only for hammered on weight, but I'd rather not since it's likely over the years that you will have them added and...
  11. Stealth-type sub box for the 18-up JLU

    Can you all please post some pics & info of the sub box/subs that you're using in your 2018-up JLU? I was considering a single JL stealthbox for the drivers side, but I have a feeling I will want more Oomph that what it can deliver. I don't mind sacrificing a small amount of room in the back. I...
  12. Did I buy a used jeep that the dealer said was new?

    FWIW my local dealer told me up front they were doing a dealer trade for my '20 JLUR, and that the out of town dealer would be driving the Jeep to swap out for the local trade. This also gave me leverage on the holdback and no dealer add-ons when negotiating my 7% under invoice deal.
  13. Extra charges

    FWIW $3K off sticker isn't bad, but it's not a great deal. A good deal would have been $4800 off and no add-on BS.
  14. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    Yes, I noticed that 8 ga was run from the battery in the video. Is there plenty of room under the Wrangler door sills to run 4 ga? I would rather run larger wire in case I add a larger amp down the road. I was leaning towards the $70 Crutchfield 4 ga amp kit and adding my own 3' quality rca. Is...
  15. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    Thanks for the info. I have some additional questions. So I came across a youtube video that shows the person running a 16 ga power with 1A inline fuse...
  16. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    New '20 JLUR w/ Alpine owner. I was wanting to add the SB-J-JL4DDRV/10TW1-2 driver's side 2 ohm sub, JL XD300/1v2, and Audio Control L2ci. Thanks for the info in this thread and also the location of the wires to tap into. I have several questions since I am new to some of this: What wires or...
  17. Hitch receiver question

    My 2020 JLUR with steel bumper option only has 3 holes (missing one is an outer hole) in the rear bumper beam to mount the hitch. I am only going to put my dual bike rack on the hitch, but I am not sure why I am missing a hole. Anyone else with this issue?