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  1. Who has a Dometic/ARB fridge in the back?

    I love the Goose Gear setup! Definitely pricey but you get what you pay for here IMO. I asked Goose Gear for a few additional nutserts and drilled some additional holes for the Dometic fridge slide to mount it exactly where I wanted it. My full install and review is on TrailWrangler...
  2. Who has a Dometic/ARB fridge in the back?

    My rear seats are installed and in the normal position in that photo.
  3. Who has a Dometic/ARB fridge in the back?

    Domestic 45 on Dometic slide and Goose Gear base plate. Shelf if from Vector Offroad.
  4. Dynatrac EnduroSport 2" lift - also fixed my steering issues!

    My full review:
  5. Synergy track bar install (pre production)

    I haven't had any issues with the other parts I have bought from them, and I have always had a great experience with their customer service team. It is definitely unfortunate that they are still selling this track bar without clearly disclosing that there is minor grinding required for fitment.
  6. Control Arm and bump stop question

    Generally at least 2" bump stop extensions are needed to clear 37s. Sometimes more with lower backspacing wheels.
  7. Borla Climber Touring Catback Exhaust - Sounds Clips

    I hadn't heard that was an issue. Just checked and don't see any evidence of melting on mine.
  8. Synergy Springs

    Gotcha, thanks! I guess with the extra gear I'm carrying the .75 will probably be about right.
  9. Incremental Upgrades to Accommodate 37s

    You can run 37s on as little as a 2" lift. I ran the Dynatrac 2" lift + 37s for a year and did some pretty difficult trails. I'm now on Synergy 3" and Fox 2.5s - while the performance and flex is better I don't know how much more capable the rig really is. My Dynatrac 2" lift review is here if...
  10. Synergy Springs

    I'm running 3" Synergy springs and 2.5 DSC Fox shocks. The ride is great however with a heavy beadlock spare, roof rack, goose gear setup and fridge the rear is sagging a bit compared to the front. I'm debating either adding a .75" spacer to the rear or swapping the rear springs for the Synergy 4".
  11. Anybody tried the Apex Steering Boost Kit?

    I'm very interested in this! Seems like a very cost-friendly alternative to hydro assist for those of us running sub-40" tires
  12. Borla Climber Touring Catback Exhaust - Sounds Clips

    I think so! And absolutely zero drone
  13. Borla Climber Touring Catback Exhaust - Sounds Clips

    I got it on sale from Northridge4x4. I had a Borla system on my 6th gen Camaro SS and it was amazing as well. Sounded great and no drone.
  14. Borla Climber Touring Catback Exhaust - Sounds Clips

    Recently finished installed the Borla Climber Touring catback on my JLUR. I was looking for a quiet, high-clearance exhaust to replace the factory suitcase. This one does the trick - sounds great under throttle, zero drone at any RPM, and is as high clearance as you can get.
  15. Installed Shrockworks Rock Sliders on my JLURD

    They look great! I’ve had Shrockworks bumpers on some Toyota’s in the past and they’ve always been high quality. I’m considering their JL sliders however I want something that tucks up a little higher and closer to the body. I’ve been looking at the option from VKS but am still undecided.
  16. Who else manipulates ess with brake pressure?

    I’ve turned ESS off permanently with a TazerJL. Pointless feature IMO
  17. Who is using fox 3.0’s

    I'm running the 2.5s - it's an amazing setup. I can easily keep up with my friends in their bolt-on long travel Toyotas in the fast stuff. As others have mentioned the 3.0s are really a race shock and wouldn't be well suited to a street driven Jeep.
  18. JL Creeps forward while in Neutral - Auto Trans

    Take it in - that’s not what I’d consider normal behavior