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  1. Diabolical Slipstream on a 2 door, a question.

    I am saving up to purchase the Diabolical Slipstream for my 2019 2 door. My question is, how much work is involved to put the back seat in if I need to take my grandchildren somewhere? Does it need to be fully uninstalled? About how long would it take? Thanks, Jon
  2. Illinois Tyger Auto TG-JA2J2289B Star Armor Kit for 2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JL 2 Door

    Local pickup only (Near Champaign Urbana) Includes all mounting hardware $140.00
  3. Upgraded 5" radio to a 7" now compass does not work

    I spoke to someone at about their "Soft mount" GPS antenna and was told it plugged into the yellow connector in the back. Though I am old, cranky, and forgetful I thought I remembered plugging something into that connector and told him I would call him back after I took the...
  4. How bad is registration in your area?

    Here in the communist state of Illinois: 8.3% sales tax at time of purchase $151. yearly registration. We are told it goes to pave roads but everyone knows it lines the pockets of Chicago politicians :angry:
  5. Upgrading from the 5" UConnect3 to 7" UConnect4?

    I know this horse has probably been beat to death more than once but if you don't mind helping me by verifying these part number would be right for a 2019 Wrangler and are the prices reasonable? 68420236AC Radio $525.80 6AB53TX7AA Bezel $22.39 About to purchase and want to make sure I...
  6. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Practiced "social distancing" near the Wabash in Indiana
  7. How to make 3rd brake light flicker?

    I do not have the LED package but my 3rd Brake light does seem to be LED. Can someone confirm if all 3rd BL's are led so I do not have to take mine apart? Lazy in my almost old age... ;) Thanks in advance...
  8. Illinois Free Rear Bumper with all brackets

    Sorry, it is gone...
  9. Illinois 5 Stock Wheels, tires, with TPMS. $295

    Near Champaign / urbana
  10. Looking to buy a new soft top, help with vendors to get prices from?

    My hope was to learn from the experience of others concerning online OEM retailers such as "MyMoparParts" or "". Concerning the price I have found up to $300 difference but I do not want to get tangled up with a vendor that others have had bad dealings with in the past...
  11. Looking to buy a new soft top, help with vendors to get prices from?

    I plan on sending several vendors emails asking for the "Shipped to my door price" but would like to avail myself to the wisdom here first... Is 82215147AB the correct part number for a Mopar Soft Top 2 Door Premium Twill with tinted windows? What OEM online Mopar parts sellers have you had...
  12. Illinois 5 Stock Wheels, tires, with TPMS. $295

    Not sure if there is any interest but thought I would try: Less than 2000 miles, no miles on spare. Local pickup only. Might deliver up to 50 miles if helped with gas.
  13. Split Personality?

    I have owned my current JL for 6 months and just noticed it has a personality crisis... Perhaps therapy is needed?