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  1. MOPAR 2" Lift (initial review) - AWESOME!!!

    Thanks! Pictures help. I went to a local dealership and saw the 392‘s stance and it didn’t look too bad. I thought the 33s would look tiny from all the pictures I’m seeing but i guess it’s different in person
  2. MOPAR 2" Lift (initial review) - AWESOME!!!

    Currently my front end is 3/4” lower than the back because of my steel front bumper and winch. I was planning to install the rough country 3/4” spacer to level me out...but would the Mopar lift still need the leveling spacer? Don’t want to install it now, just to have to take it out later if I lift.
  3. NorCal Jeep shop recommendations

    How did their work end up? Would you recommend them?
  4. Yakima EXO —- anyone use?

    curious as well, seems like a great modular solution. Hate to give up my Kuat though...
  5. RIGID D-SS Pro Review

    I wish you did this last year, would've helped me a lot because I couldn't find many good videos showing the light throw to the sides. I'm glad I ended up getting these spots, they're great lights!
  6. NorCal Jeep shop recommendations

    Any good shop recommendations for an alignment?
  7. front sag

    Thanks for all the replies! I think I'll go with the spacer route first and see if I need the stiffer springs. Would the springs from a JLUR Rubicon with steel bumper from the factory be closer to the OEM feel than the diesel springs? Does anyone have this PN? I really liked how the car handled...
  8. front sag

    I'm looking to add the same spacer kit to mine. My braking and handling performance got much worse with the added front weight. Do you think a higher spring rate spring would still be best? Or are you happy enough with the spacers?
  9. [FULL] GROUPBUY: ORACLE Lighting Rear Bumper LED Reverse Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    Great advice to remove the bumper, I'll likely go this route. Do you have any pics of the light through behind the Jeep?
  10. Key fob battery life?

    Funny I was just reading this thread last week, and my key fob battery low message came up today. Only 2.5 years old, guess I need to keep the key even further away...
  11. Interior USB Ports Power OFF when Car is OFF???

    I think a USB drive would behave differently. Since there’s no signal from the console, I don’t think it will sap energy. If it does for the LED lights, it will be much less than a dashcam would. Agree with @EU_Wrangler, would like to plug in something like a dashcam with considerably more...
  12. Interior USB Ports Power OFF when Car is OFF???

    Same. I’m wondering if they thought the USB ports would only be used for phones. So once the phone is fully charged, it would stop pulling juice on its own.
  13. Interior USB Ports Power OFF when Car is OFF???

    Hey, does anyone know how to disable the interior USB ports when the car is OFF? Right now, they stay hot for about an hour. Thanks in advance!
  14. Differential Oil

    Just changed mine this weekend around 17k miles. Fluid coming out wasn’t completely black, and didn’t notice any metal flakes. Wiped off a lot of gunk on the drain plug though. For how easy it is to do, it’s great for peace of mind!
  15. Air Compressor Mounting Solution

    Sorry to revive a really old thread, but looking into air compressors now. With the brackets, is your Tuffy top able to open fully?
  16. [FULL] GROUPBUY: ORACLE Lighting Rear Bumper LED Reverse Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    they mentioned it would tap into the reverse light wiring.
  17. USB 1 Power Dash Cam

    Reviving an old thread but it’s annoying to unplug my dashcam every time I park. Is there a way we can change the power behavior?
  18. Rear Bumper Integrated LED Reverse Lights

    These are awesome updates! Really great to see a company keep the customers in the loop during the design process. Can you guys share pictures comparing the reverse camera picture between halogen, LED, and LED bumper light? Mainly concerned about a washed out image.
  19. California Sold

    I see you sold this, but do you have any pics of it mounted? I’m curious how the scale of the loadwarrior looks on the roof rack. Thanks in advance