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  1. Hooke antenna mount?

    Anyone have one of these? If so, how does it work? The photos make it look like it's kind of thin gauge metal so I'm worried about it bending. But, I like that the mount goes behind the spare tire. I don't like the Terraflex mout as it's visible on the tailgate hinges - it might work great...
  2. Wheel brand question - Method vs Vision vs Fuel

    Nothing yet....I think I'm going to hold out for the Vision 351 Flow in grey. They have a +30 offset so they're reasonably close to OEM. The Commander in Chief won't release the funding for new tires until I wear out the ones that came on the JL....... If you see black marks on the road in...
  3. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    The good news is you're going to feel great on Saturday! Stock up on ginger ale, saltines and chicken noodle soup, it'll get you through Friday.
  4. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Some people have zero reaction, some people have big reactions. My son thought he came down with malaria because he got the chills so bad. I only got tired and a slight headache. Moderna and Pfizer are pretty much the same cocktail....avoid Astra Zeneca....the jury is still out on J&J. My...
  5. question: how to get wires to top of dash

    . I didn’t take any photos of the dash off, sorry. I ran the wire to a double USB port that I installed under the steering column/dash. I plug my iPhone and dash cam into it. I don’t have any cables visible in front of my dash.
  6. question: how to get wires to top of dash

    I took my dash apart to make sure I could do it. (very easy job) I mounted my Bulletproof phone mount to the dash after drilling a hole in the base and adding a rubber grommet then drilled a...
  7. Buying OEM wheels off of eBay

    Nothing in my area on Craigslist or Fakebook marketplace.
  8. Buying OEM wheels off of eBay

    I‘ve been looking at Rubicon and Gladiator take off wheels for sale on eBay. They’re running around $800 a set for 5 wheels. Before I pull the trigger on any I wanted to see if anyone else here has purchased them from eBay vendors. The photos look good but I’m concerned about the photos being...
  9. Offset for no poke Sahara

    Here's one to add to your list (nice job by the way!). Vision is coming out next month with the Vision 351 Flow. It's available in 17X8 with a +30mm offset. These are what I'm taking a hard look at to mount 285/70/17s on. The only thing I don't like, and it's an easy fix with an adapter...
  10. Jeep JL destruction from flat tow in 4Lo and 1st gear! Make sure transfer case is in neutral!
  11. Calculating tire poke

    Inside is about 1/4" closer than stock. I'm not worried about that as I won't be lifting it at all. The Commander in Chief is vertically challenged (don't you dare call her short!) and has limited movement with her legs because of a hip issue so I'm pushing things going from a 245/75 to a...
  12. Calculating tire poke

    Thank the photos are a big help.
  13. Calculating tire poke

    OK, let’s see if I figured this out the right way. I’m looking for new wheels and tires. I know what tires and size I want - Toyo Open Country ATIII in 285/70/17. The wheels are the sticky part. I want to try to keep the the tire poke out as close to stock as possible. I know the 285 is...
  14. Tire comparisons, Owner ratings chart. What's good and what's hype

    I'm surprised there's little to no feedback on the Toyo OC ATIII tires. I thought they were supposed to be the Falken WP A/T3 slayer. I haven't seen anything about them in snow/winter conditions. Are they not catching on?
  15. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow

    That's the nice thing about the Curt, it's plug and play. Unplug the taillights, plug in the harness and run the wire to the front. I didn't consider the Mopar one...I'm a cheap Yankee! I used the Curt harness on my JK and it was easy to install, worked perfectly and was cheap - compared to...
  16. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow

    I put this on my JL - $70 and works perfectly.
  17. Who else makes this style wheel?

    I've got some people in other areas I've searched telling me that I need negative offset otherwise my tires are going to rub. I thought a stock Sport S didn't have any issues with a 285/70 unless trying something really outrageous. Like I said, I'm trying to minimize or eliminate poke out past...
  18. Who else makes this style wheel?

    All the ones you posted look great...except they're all -6 or -12 offset. I did happen to find this on Discount Tire's website - G-FX TR-16 - they're available in 0 offset so that would help keep the poke down but they're 9" wide. Not sure if that's too much for a 285-70 tire or not. The...
  19. Who else makes this style wheel?

    I'm trying to decide between a Titanium Method 316 or a machined alloy wheel like the ProComp 1069. The only thing I don't like about the Procomp is that it's got -6 offset and I'm not looking for negative offset. The Method 316 has 0 offset, if anything I'd rather go with a little bit of...