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    Can I pick up this weekend? I live up on whidbey.
  2. Brand new bestop FS

  3. Brand new bestop FS

    New in the box twill trek top NX, got it for the wife’s Jeep but she doesn’t like the look of it with her LOD rack. $1200 located in Oak Harbor
  4. WTB Rubicon fender flares

  5. WTB Rubicon fender flares

    Looking for some Rubicon fender flares, if you have some please let me know.
  6. Urgent request for help

    This mornings update. I went out and found both battery terminals were tight but my winch ground cable was loose. We did use the winch yesterday without issues. (I have the ground connected to the battery) I disconnected the battery for 20 minutes, seated a handful of fuses, reconnected the...
  7. Urgent request for help

    Hey group I’ve got an emergency SOS situation going on any help is appreciated. Leaving tomorrow night for a 1300 mile trip home. Just went to the store, after getting back in the Jeep the speakers popped and the radio shut off. I turned the Jeep off and on. The clock had reset to 1200. Stopped...
  8. Washington $650, 2019 Rubicon take off tires, Falken MT01, Mud Terrain LT285/70R17C

    Interested in these, I’ll check back with you next week if I can free up some funds.
  9. 4-Door Premium Soft Top [WA]

    Yeah just need the wheels to class up the wife’s sport.
  10. Sport fog light upgrade?

    We upgraded the headlights in our sport to halo led’s and would like to upgrade the fogs to make them worth turning on. Looking for a bulb upgrade or for a complete replacement.
  11. 4-Door Premium Soft Top [WA]

    What do you want for the wheels?
  12. Modding wife’s jeep

    In the process of doing some mods on the wife’s Jeep, going to be installing an RC 2.5 lift. Her Jeep is a pavement princes but I’d like to see her get it out on some mild trails. Anyway I just upgraded the wheels on my Jeep, I took off some 17x9 steelies. They have a 4.25 back spacing. Curious...
  13. JK to JL bumper compatibility

    It fits..... kinda. The 8 frame bolts fit, the skid plate is going to require some fab work and there are some brackets that attach to the crash bar things that I don’t think are going to work.
  14. JK to JL bumper compatibility

    Hey group I have a JK and the wife a JL. She wanted to put some mods on her Jeep by herself. She bought a bumper off of amazon, it is super cheaply built maybe 3/16 constructed including the winch mount. This is where I insert the “I told you so comment” anyway I have a warn bumper that I am...
  15. Washington Metalcloak Front Track bar

    Where in WA are you?
  16. JL (2DR) 17x9 Steelies

    Selling a set of 17x9 steel wheels. 4 are unmolested and were only on the Jeep for a few months. The 5th I attempted to do a diy beadlock kit. Kept chasing a slow leak and got tired of chasing it, gave up and bought Beadlocks. In addition to the 5th wheel I also have a brand new kit so you could...
  17. FS 17x9 wheels

    Here’s the deal I have 5 of these wheels. One of them I did a diy beadlock. I was chasing an air leak on it and got fed up with it and opted to just buy actual beadlocks. I will sell the four unmolested wheels for $400. They have only been on the Jeep for 1,000 miles. or I will sell the five...
  18. Looking for Rubicon wheels.

    Oak Harbor, looking to spend $800 max