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  1. Who's faster? 4XE or 392?

    392 on all accounts? not sure why there is even a question on that. 392 has 4xe beat by 3 sec on 0 to 60 and 1/4 mile
  2. changing sport suspension

    35s will fit. but might have rubbing flexed or at full lock depending on how wide. getting JLUR Diesel suspension (hard top, bumper, tow packages) would give you the largest lift. I ended up getting about 3in with that. I'm only running rubi take off tires for now though
  3. Are Neoprene seat covers hot?

    mine just get warm but that's what I get for having a black car and black seat covers I guess
  4. Southeast fuel shortage...

    also, not to really argue. I was just making a point. yes most EV owners still have ICE but. since you're in the PNW. it's a bit different here on the east coast. gas stations along hurricane evac routes are required to have generators (with some minor exceptions) and then oil companies such as...
  5. Southeast fuel shortage...

    can't. don't have gas
  6. Southeast fuel shortage...

  7. Under seat powered subs??

    dude, thos THX systems are crazy. I'm anxious to hear the mac system in the wagoneer
  8. Under seat powered subs??

    lol, like I said, someone who has done it before would know better :LOL: I agree with your speaker assessment though. I had a 10in in my grand cherokee from factory (alpine system) and it was a well rounded out sound. Obviously, was a bigger vehicle and the speaker farther back.
  9. Under seat powered subs??

    Personally i'd run a single amp to power everything. especially since you're not really looking to go louder. 2nd amp would just increase output and more of a pain in wiring and distributors and such. someone else might be able to chime in with more on that though. I've never done a multi-amp set up
  10. Under seat powered subs??

    I can't speak to doing an underseat sub. It's something i've considered but you then won't be able to put the rear seat down (assuming that's where you're putting it). Might be worth looking into updating your roll bar speakers to something with a bit more bass. if you ahve the stock system...
  11. Let's see those hard top storage contraptions!

    updated the post. with all that being said, there is an older thread with a ton on it here: including the aforementioned @Ohio Hiker
  12. Let's see those hard top storage contraptions!

    @So-Cal Parts List: -5x Steel Screw Hooks (Link) I want to say it was a #6 hook -Rope - Amount depends on placement of your hooks. I think I was able to get away with 2 100ft rope, cut in half. (Link) -4x Single Pulley This size or larger wheel will do.(Link) -2x Double Pulley (Link) -Hooks...
  13. Let's see those hard top storage contraptions!

    Some hooks, ropes, pulleys, and a hand crank winch. I was able to hook a drill to the winch to make it go faster. Aside from the drill, total cost was probably under $100. Can go into more detail and provide a parts list if anyone is really interested. Raises up off the jeep to full height in a...
  14. Let's see those hard top storage contraptions!

    I laughed far too hard at this
  15. Southeast fuel shortage...

    Talking to some other jeeper's around me (NC) stations are out or running out already. some have waited for hours in lines. Everyone is panicking. Complete pandemonium. Just going to sit back and drink my beer I guess.
  16. Southeast fuel shortage...

    Technically the gov't does have some security oversight on it. It falls under the TSA. Not trying to argue with what you're saying here, just providing a bit more info that was left off
  17. Southeast fuel shortage...

    The elon musk fan boys were all triggered
  18. Southeast fuel shortage...

    Big thumbs up on this. I work for a power company and am related to someone who does stuff counter terrorism threat. Attacks on our power grid is one of the biggest threats we have in this country. Everyone is talking about how great EVs are when there is a gas one talking about...
  19. 4xe faked for free parking on college campus

    My parking pass in college was $450....supposedly it's over $500 now
  20. Which hard top removal device would you recommend?

    I built one similar to this and it uses a manual winch. Depending on your drill, you can use your drill on the winch instead of the hand crank. works well. If you're interested DM me and I can try and give you a description on how I did it. It's pretty simple set up.