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  1. How to Secure a Subwoofer? Brainstorm with me?

    When in doubt, make it yourself...
  2. 8.4 USB Update

    Did the 34.2 update today... Everything worked like a champ, will report if I have any issues with presets...(or anything else)...
  3. Uconnect update file

    What do you mean, it has version 34.2 on it? That is the very latest version available.
  4. 8.4 USB Update

    It actually auto-populates the login creds for me...
  5. 8.4 USB Update

    22.5 does come with maps, and I have downloaded it via the link I provided. It does work for me.
  6. 8.4 USB Update

    Did your 28.30 update come with maps or factory installed?
  7. 8.4 USB Update
  8. 8.4 USB Update
  9. 8.4 USB Update

    Yes, I have a 2018 and yes the radio is also a 2018, so you can upgrade following the directions I posted or reading the 4 page thread linked in the OP.
  10. 8.4 USB Update

    I have updated to version 30.24 on my radio successfully. I have not upgraded to version 34.2 based on comments on the original thread that Joaozao posted (the ram thread). There are some tricks though from reading that thread that you need to follow. You will need to download 22.5 (9gigs)...
  11. 8.4 USB Update

    I see some of the others in that thread are complaining about xm presets not saving with 34.2, are you experiencing this? LanceM
  12. Off Road Pages

    Cmon Superchip, tazer is doing it...
  13. Trailcal Now Available for 2020 2.0L Wrangler JL

    Enable off-road pages?
  14. 30% Off Flashcal to Flashpaq Tuning Upgrades

    Flashpaq for the 2.0?
  15. New Uconnect Uodate July 19, 2020

    Archie, what year is your jeep and what version do you have?
  16. Plug and Play amp upgrade to basic system

    Ive never had a knack for working with fiberglass... So hard for me... Building a wooden box is easier for me... So its all based on your skill level.
  17. New Uconnect Uodate July 19, 2020
  18. Off Road Pages

    Apparently the Tazer can now turn on Off Road Pages on Sport/Sahara 8.4 radios (see thread) WIll you please upgrade the Superchip to enable the same feature? @Superchips JL...