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  1. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    another solid excellent recommendation.
  2. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    Bull Run 4x4 is in Haymarket and I highly recommend them.
  3. Virginia Quadratec Winch Recall and ZERO customer service - "it's in the queue" and you'll get it when you get it"

    This. Any communication would help ease some of the frustration; however, the simple fact that there is none means they don’t care to have me as a customer.
  4. Virginia Quadratec Winch Recall and ZERO customer service - "it's in the queue" and you'll get it when you get it"

    @Quadratec issued a winch recall on their branded winches late last fall. I submitted my requests per snail mail and email directions and the has been very little updates to the status of my winch recall. I still haven't received the mailing box nor where they friendly when I called. I was...
  5. Quadratec Stealth winch recall

    Still nothing... I have received five emails since March with zero action from @Quadratec. 3/31: "We will be sending you an empty shipping box and shipping label." 4/20: "We will be sending you an empty shipping box and shipping label." 4/20: "We have received your winch." 4/20: "We...
  6. Bizarre response from dealership for steering wobble and transmission issue

    I would recommend checking the lemon law in your state. I was able to have a manufacturer buy back a vehicle for multiple front brake replacements (calipers and rotors) and engine issues that resulted in two head gasket replacements. They also gave me a nice check to cover car replacement...
  7. Dealer Cussed me out over Survey!

    If they wanted a perfect score, than they should have treated me as a customer. A customer deserves respect, transparency, and timely service. If they cannot do any of those they get a lower score. In their defense, management and corporate demand those perfect scores with total disregard of...
  8. 4LO Power

    I‘ve experienced something similar as the OP, but I‘ve used this method with much greater success to bump it over obstacles.
  9. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    Please come and join us for the NOVA Jeepers Show & Shine - May 15th. Show off your Jeep, test the flex on the RTI ramp, ride over the car crush, or hang with other Jeep enthusiasts. It’s located at the Fauquier County Fair Grounds at 6209 Old Auburn Rd, Warrenton, Virginia 20186.
  10. What Fasteners to keep on hand...?

    Once I started modifying my jeep, I started collecting suspension bolts and various other nuts in bolts to have on hand. Also good to have a good electrical kit with connections you normally find on your rig, too.
  11. FOURPLAY, my 2dr Sport

    Looking nice, Mike. Trying to figure Out how to do something similar something with mine.
  12. 2.0 L Turbo Engine with 35 Inch Tires

    I've been running 35's for almost 7k miles and I find it just a responsive as stock. I did have the Tazer-Mini to reprogram from stock tire size.
  13. MetalCloak GameChanger 2.5” lift installation questions

    BTW, love your model plane collection!
  14. MetalCloak GameChanger 2.5” lift installation questions

    Here is what mine looked like when I had the 2.5" MC springs and winch mounted. Are you sure that you put the springs in the right location, front to front and vice versa?
  15. Goal Zero Yeti

    I purchased five sets of 500X (with solar panels and lights) and sent them to Puerto Rico to family post Hurricane Maria. All are still in use today and they love the ability to be prepared for when the power goes out.
  16. Rausch Creek 4/9-4/10

    Let me know when you guys are heading up, always happy to meet new folks and make it up to Rausch. Hit me up! We usually try to plan open club rides up to Rausch, AOAA, or other closer parks like The Cove or Choas in West VA.
  17. Quadratec Stealth winch recall

    I did my part and not a single peep from @Quadratec. I called yesterday and they stated ”you are in the queue“ and “you’ll get it when you get it”. Great customer service 👎🏼 In the meantime, I am buying a new winch for my safety and to be help others when necessary. The Quadratec will be...
  18. Quadratec Stealth winch recall

    Still nothing from Quadratec, even after submitting the packaging request. @Quadratec continues to demonstrate they do not care about their customers or their customer service. They lost me as customer today and I will not be purchasing any products from them in the future, no matter the...
  19. Quadratec Stealth winch recall

    I submitted my request for the box, but still nothing....