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  1. bartact seat covers

    the logo looks smaller than a pic i have. i’m guessing this is a recent photo as you’re in the middle of install thus i wonder if they made a logo size change? i think i might order ones just like yours.
  2. bartact seat covers

    so i want to add their tactical seat covers however i don’t want their insignia on them. they won’t make them blank so instead, they give it to a guy who cuts the thread of the bartact insignia and embroiders something else of your choice. i have a few questions... have you done this? can i see...
  3. water coming in when doors are open when it rains.

    anybody know a part number for this?? i’m sure many would be interested
  4. How are your cloth seats holding up?

    to answer your question, my cloth seats are holding up very well at 27,000 miles. would never want leather due to temperature factors already mentioned in other responses. i’d love to find a quality cloth seat cover that doesn’t have molle on the back. any suggestions?
  5. Pennsylvania KC cyclone under hood lights

    I have a pair of new, never used, KC under hood lights that I don’t need. They’re really bright and have great reviews on Amazon. I believe I purchased for $80 but I’ll sell them for $70 and I’ll pay shipping. Let me know if interested or if you have any questions and thx!
  6. Any of you camping with a baby?

    a lot of great info in this thread. if you don’t mind EVERYTHING taking more time, the younger kids needing to be watched every minute, an infant playing in the dirt and if you understand that camping is no longer about hiking to the summit but more about showing your kids stuff, then it’s...
  7. use of reed switch for KC hood lights?

    I know this might be a little excessive but I like learning new things... I’m wondering if I could wire up KC hood cyclones via a Reed switch so that they came on automatically when the hood was raised? It looks like a Reed switch could handle the amperage of two cyclones and do this without a...
  8. which cabin air filter?

    Reusable:,+jl,aps,173&sr=8-1 i saw this before but thought it might have to be oiled however i didn’t see mention...
  9. which cabin air filter?

    okay, so i just posted about the engine air filter and received some great info - thank you! so it got me wondering... is there a washable, reusable cabin air filter that doesn’t require oil or the purchase of a cleaning kit? just looking to take care of the jl properly as well as save money...
  10. which air filter?

    i searched a little but failed to find the info i was looking for. i’m wondering which air filter i should go with? 99% of driving is to/from work or to taxi kids. i like the idea of a washable filter but don’t have the desire/patience to spend more money on a recharge kit or oil. i plan on...
  11. Some Jeep Essentials?

    depends on what you’re doing. i’m more apt to carry an element fire extinguisher (very cool), wipes, hand sanitizer, barf bag, emergency road hazard lights and tylenol compared to a tow strap. as a busy dad of 4 with lots of kid activities, my “off roading” isn’t the rock crawling or...
  12. Pennsylvania WTB sahara stock front bumper

    yes, may i ask, where are you located?
  13. Soft top vs hard top

    i have both hard and premium soft top. i love both but if i had to choose one, it’d easily be the soft as it’s so easy to put down. can be done in just a couple on minutes or flip back to sun rider in seconds. if i lived in florida, it’d be the soft top for sure.
  14. Any cordura or neoprene seat cover that doesn't have mole system on the back?

    does anyone have any experience with a cordura or neoprene seat cover that doesn't have mole system on the back? I love the bartac seat covers but i'm not really into the webbing look. I know they have a less expensive version without however i'd like to have the stitching in the front so it...
  15. New Jersey 2020 JLUR front and rear PLASTIC bumpers. FREE TO A GOOD HOME

    i could use the front bumper and willing to pick up. please let me know if still available. thank you!
  16. Outback Tailgater w/ Switch Plate

    i’d also be interested in the whole water thing
  17. Factory black plastic fenders

    i use 303 protectant. i’ve found it works much better than anything in the $15/16 ounce price range. i tried maguier’s express spray wax as well and there was absolutely no comparison in reference to how well it worked or how long it lasted. i now only use the express wax on the wheels and...
  18. Pennsylvania wtb sahara front bumper

    reading, pa area. thanks for any info