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  1. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    hey guys. I own the Deezee rack as well. Pretty happy with it. So now I want to add a Batwing compact. What would fit, but I have some doubts about the load capacity. Does anyone use the Deezee roof rack with Rooftent AND Batwing Compact? PS: i was on the polar circle with my setup before...
  2. 1.5 lift - WHAT do i need for correction?

    Thank you Steve :-) Same here. If i would have the choice, i would buy the mopar 2"lift. But its Not legal in Europe because of Mission robustness Dokuments :-(
  3. 1.5 lift - WHAT do i need for correction?

    Hey all, i am driving a european rubicon JLU 2.0 and after a long way of informing i decided to give it a litte bit extra lift. My usecase: 60% unloaded daily (winch and roofrack only, what cost me around 1") and 40% full-loaded overlanding (and that is the problem where my stock springs were...
  4. 3.6L ESS Battery Diagram

    hi everyone. I have to follow up here. So i understood the whole thing BUT one point is just not working like that for me. Claim: you cannot charge (or unload) two batteries with different capacities at the same time. If our alternator (or solar or charger) is loading both batteries at the...
  5. Lost power on aux switch. Thoughts?

    update: its the plug to the switches itself. nearly like post #3 but my back cover was fine. Its just a sh*tty connection.
  6. Has anyone used the Warn power interrupt kit with a Smittybuilt X20 winch?

    just for my understanding. Is a interruption kit recommended in general? I think no-one in Germany is using one - ok, but we actually do not use winches :-D Same to my winch, its just all-time powered without a fuse.

    i have exactly the same issue, what was the solution?
  8. Lost power on aux switch. Thoughts?

    Hey, Matt here from Germany. Actually I'm very active in the German Jeep Forum (Maybe you can see my posts, or at least my pictures :) -> ) but THAT issue I have is really freaking me...