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  1. A couple of mods for my 2020 JLU

  2. Thank you, Leon Travis...

    Thank you, and in advance, the same to you!
  3. Thank you, Leon Travis...

    ...for keeping the ordering process simple, for providing relevant and timely communications/pics along the way, for providing the best hands on demonstration of controls, functions, etc. that I have ever experienced and finally, for simply being a quality human being. Also, a big thanks to the...
  4. Extra charges

    And they will continue with these types of shanagins as long as consumers continue to enable them by purchasing. It's much better to exert our energy in negotiating the price from invoice rather than wasting it discussing dealer add ones. It's just another level of added emotional complexity...
  5. Today we say goodbye...

    So refreshing to read these posts!
  6. Just ordered a Sahara from Criswell!

    "The waiting is the hardest part"... :) Regarding Leon, I have one on order with him and Criswell, too. Leon is the ONLY automotive salesperson that has ever sent me an email outlining the follow up communications that I will receive as the JLU progresses in the build process-talking about...
  7. Happy Holidays From Criswell Jeep of Gaithersburg and...

    Thanks, Julius! Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season to you, the Criswell Team and to everyone you all hold dear. I look forward to meeting you in January!
  8. Sting Gray Owners w/ aftermarket wheels please post pics

    I really like those wheels. Doubly glad that I ordered them for my build.
  9. It will be late for Christmas, but got my order in today!

    Wow-you lit it up with options-I like your style! :handsinair:
  10. Post your 2020 JL build status

    Ordered JLU: 12/9 VIN: 12/10 D1: 12/11 Estimated ship date: 2 January 2020
  11. It's on! JLU ordered!

    Yay, me! :clap: After nearly 4 months of researching, talking with Wrangler owners, waiting patiently for my truck to sell at a fair price for both parties, annoying my wife and of course, going to this site almost daily...I finally ordered my JLU yesterday! Another shout out to Leon Travis...
  12. Just Paid My Deposit!

    To me, Leon is the reference standard for automobile sales professionals.
  13. How long from placing an order to my garage?

    Good to hear! Anyone there you recommend I reach out to?
  14. *IMPORTANT* Ordering Information Nov. 2019

    Good info thanks for sharing re non-build dates. During this time, I'm sure it help reduce current dealer inventory as well.
  15. Ordered from Criswell - 7% Off - Great People - No More Mojito!?

    Unless I've missed something, it's not an option for Sport or Sport S. I wish it was though.
  16. How long from placing an order to my garage?

    Wow, that is crazy fast! If you don't mind, from which dealership did you purchase? Below invoice pricing? Thanks and congrats!
  17. Calculating % off MSRP correctly?

    I start at 8% off of invoice pricing b/c I have zero problems jumping on a plane then buying from Criswell/Leon in Maryland then enjoying my journey back home. Locally, instead of saying 8% under invoice, I'd have the multiplier figured out (simple math) then say or type, here's a 2020 JLU...
  18. Recommended Dealers List

    @Mdmorrissey-loved reading about your purchasing journey! #johnnymarr