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  1. Anybody tried the Apex Steering Boost Kit?

    I noticed more power to my ram.. I have a ported steering box and a psc ram and the apex boost and cooler. My buddy Adam “Sage8JL” on Instagram has the same build set up as me UD60’s Nitto TG 40’s but he has only the boost and cooler and no ram assist. And he noticed a much easier steering...
  2. Apex Autolynx

    these are called the hydralynx. They are a dampened and electronically controlled lock and unlock. Same concept and working as the Autolynx just controlled. These will be for the person who doesn’t want to get out of the vehicle at all and Apex is also looking to having these go into the racing...
  3. Apex Autolynx

    Apex is top quality. I’m glad more and more people are getting word of the Company.
  4. Apex Autolynx

    Mine have been on for a year no issues. I just swapped to the new one that will be released soon.
  5. Anybody tried the Apex Steering Boost Kit?

    I've had it on for a year!
  6. JLU Rear Corner Armor

    Next Venture Motorsports is the only company who makes JL corner armor and not some plastic stickers on thing like found on eBay.
  7. The Apex Autolynx sway bar disconnect

    I've got roughly 30k on mine and majority of that is hard wheeling ZERO issues to date... And i have set #1
  8. The Apex Autolynx sway bar disconnect

    Those like to break and at the worst time. Still a pin style also needs to come with friends to help reconnect!
  9. Apex AutoLYNX quick sway bar disconnect solution

    I've got the first set ever produced of the Apex AutoLYNX so for over the past year I've used these harder then most anyone will ever use them and I've had ZERO issues. Paul and I have taken my set apart a few times to check wear and see how the materials and coatings, seals have been holding...
  10. Fox or Falcon shocks with RK Lift

    I run ADS 2.5 Piggy Backs on RK triple rate springs.. granted the springs aren't my favorite but not many JL's can keep up when I'm doing the boogey down ruff stuff.
  11. Falcon on Fox?

    Not all Fox shocks are created equal... some are made with bottom of the barrel components and some with race quality. 2.5 and 3.0's only in that category. Falcon are same quality throughout. most people don't use the correct springs on their kits are pair them with Falcon shocks and then they...
  12. Aluminum front bumper options
  13. Replacement Seat Options?

    do a release for the factory slider so it moves forward
  14. B and M Extedned Transfer Case Shifter

    have had it for 2 years or more. don't notice it ever touching me
  15. 6.4L Hemi Swap w/ + Manual Transmission info gathering/ discussion thread

    waste of time for a manual.. if you like doing burnouts and donuts fine.. but anything else pointless. 8 speed auto is stronger and better for cruising.. and you only have 2 legs. 6060 would be the only real choice.. custom built if you want different ratios, an adapter for the trans to t case...
  16. Any regrets going automatic?

    3 pedals 2 legs.. simple decision... auto is a million times better for rock crawling.
  17. Let us hear that you want Core Doors!

    be Cool if you actually followed through with things..
  18. Rear Corner Armor + Tail Lamp Replacements for the JL/JLU

    I’m waiting for them since I’ve broken both taillights now!
  19. Trail Hero 2020 photos!!!!

    Hey people I'll get some of mine posted but I think it would be cool to see everyones photos from last weeks Trail Hero 2020 even!
  20. Salt Lake Area 4x4 Shops

    Impulse Off Road