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  1. Service 4WD Message

    Shifting into must only engag the transfer case to lock in the front driveshaft but the FAD was not getting the proper signal so it never engaged the front axle. I'm guessing. Dont know for sure.
  2. Service 4WD Message

    Dealer found the issue for the error code in my case. Something chewed through some wires down by the transfer case, probably a rat. The cold temps we had in TX had a rat seeking warmer shelter in the garage. Rat poison and traps have been set for that little bastard.
  3. Service 4WD Message

    I was recently back there 5o replace the in cabin air filter. I wonder if I could have done something?
  4. Service 4WD Message

    Jumped in the wife's JLUR today to run an errand and got a sway bar disconnect message, then a service 4wd message. The Wrangler is a 2019 with about 14K. We have had some snow but this was the first time the Jeep was out in it, and I knew I would need 4H. Backed out into the street and...
  5. Performance Upgrages-Madness Autoworks

    sj408_jlu - what are your thoughts on the Max Power Pro module now that you have been running it for a few months?
  6. Spiderwebshade / Alien shade tops: I have some questions

    I bought an Alien Sunshade last year, it was okay but not great. Thinking of trying a JTOPUSA this summer.
  7. Pypes Cat Back System Installed

    Any resonance or drone inside the vehicle while at cruising speeds?
  8. Soft Top Question

    I believe so.
  9. Soft Top Question

    Found a Mopar Premium Tan soft top on Facebook marketplace for $1000. Was waiting on Bestop but after the issues I saw with the NX posted on here I decided to go with the factory top.
  10. Mishimoto R&D: JL Wrangler 2.0T Performance Intake

    I haven't seen my points show up yet from my catch can purchase either. I thought I may use them on my next order but I'm going to take advantage of the sale instead.
  11. Texas Looking for 255/75-17

    Thanks for the offer but I have a set of those in the garage already.
  12. Mishimoto R&D: JL Wrangler 2.0T Catch Can Kit

    Have watched, waited and watched this thread some more. Finally decided to go for it today and ordered the catch can. Hopefully there won't be any issues with codes.
  13. Texas Looking for 255/75-17

    Looking for a set of 255/75-17. Prefer AT over MT. Have a set of Firestone Destination MT with less than 3000 miles. Let me know what you have.
  14. Post your first sticker/ decal

    Turbo 2.0 on the hood and "Those Who Wander" with compass on the back glass.
  15. Black is played out...Show off your non-black wheels!

    35x12.5x17 MT Baja Boss on Method Race 308 in Bronze
  16. Installed my 2.0L Turbo Decal.

    Got mine from FUHL and put it on the hood.
  17. Tire carriers

    Stock Rubicon wheels/tires weigh 75 lbs. I weighed mine when I swapped out for my new wheels and tires which are 95 lbs.
  18. Texas JLU Rubicon Factory Rock Rails - Central Texas $100

    Thanks Cory! Good seeing you again!
  19. Texas JLU Rubicon Factory Rock Rails - Central Texas $100

    Corysal, where in Austin are you? I'm about 60 mins from Round Rock. I pulled mine off the day after we got our Jeep, swapped them with the steps from a Sahara for the wife.
  20. Texas JLU Rubicon Factory Rock Rails - Central Texas $100

    Unfortunately I don't have packaging that could be used on such a large package.