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  1. Just got home from Bronco event...

    I feel the same way. Bronco had potential, but I'm glad I didn't wait for it.
  2. CarPlay - did FCA give up?

    I have a flash drive in the center console, and use the dash port for android auto/carplay with the wife's phone. No issues yet.
  3. Southeast fuel shortage...

    How much was your solar setup, if you don't mind my asking??
  4. Southeast fuel shortage...

    Not without $20k worth of solar panels and inverters.
  5. Southeast fuel shortage...

    Ok, but I was here first. LOL
  6. Southeast fuel shortage...

    My town in Georgia was running out this morning. Already empty stations, lines, and some with premium only.
  7. Southeast fuel shortage...

    We had pipelines long before internet. They should be air gapped machines that send warnings to a separate connected controller at best. Physical firewalls. I'm sure they are staffed 24/7 anyway.
  8. Southeast fuel shortage...

    You're not wrong, but I looked into this a few years the time it was roughly $15k to switch over to solar, and that was without install costs. I don't remember if that included batteries, which you would need at night.
  9. Southeast fuel shortage...

    Until they create an electricity shortage. The grid is just as vulnerable as the pipelines. Bio-fuel from algae will be the future. They can make it now, but not sure how easy this will be at home. This could really hurt our trip to the Florida Jeep Jam this weekend.
  10. Southeast fuel shortage...

    Not for nothing, but as huge and redundant our government is, you think they could protect critical infrastructure like our PIPELINES.
  11. Phoenix Automotive 12.1" Android Stereo... anyone have it yet?

    I hadn't seen the Alpine...Dang, is it really $3k??
  12. 2019 JL unlimited Towing a Camper question

    I've posted this before, but the same JL has a higher tow capacity overseas. Why, I don't know. So you should be ok. That said, I would have picked a smaller camper or found a different vehicle to pull it.
  13. Looking for opinions - vehicle in shop.

    Did you talk to the shop about it??? A scorching Google review would stop this from happening again.
  14. 4xe faked for free parking on college campus

    First of all, $250 or whatever for a parking permit is insane. Make it $25 and stop ripping off the kids. Secondly, as someone else mentioned, why do the EVs get a free ride?
  15. my new jeep

    I have that, and the Dynomax muffler delete lined up.
  16. 5 inch screen question

    It will default to USB if you are playing a flash drive...I discovered this yesterday as I put about 5gb of music in there.
  17. my new jeep

    Looks great. I have a black Willys grille sitting in a box...this inspires me to put it on.
  18. 5 inch screen question

    As far as I know, it will look to the radio (FM or satellite) first. You need to choose media-bluetooth every time. Android auto/car play is a little better if you're using a cable, but I don't remember if it will default to that either.
  19. Ragtop partially removed?

    I did this today, only because rain was forecast. It's been down for the last week, I love it.