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  1. Anyone having driveshaft issues?

    Jeeps aren't known for quality driveshafts, especially the Wrangler. Seeing as we're running 2018s, we'll be the first to discover which parts last longer than others.
  2. What happens when the axle lock sensor fails?

    Not sure how far back this issue goes, but I still argue the very earliest JLs started on the assembly line in 2017 were somehow built better because I (and others) still haven't had any of these issues, nor have I been affected by a single recall. They need to bring back whatever crew were...
  3. Do I need adjustable control arms for an aftermarket driveshaft on the Mopar lift?

    I think you might have misread the conversation. I'm not looking to replace the LCAs in the rear; replacement LCAs would be a consideration for the front, but my front DS seems to be fine for now. If I need to tweak the pinion angle for the rear, I'd replace the UCAs. That's what I'm asking: if...
  4. What happens when the axle lock sensor fails?

    Age aside, is there a certain set of conditions that can force this to fail or does it just happen randomly? I just replaced the diff oil both front and rear and no issues thus far, but it's probably been over a year since I've used my lockers.
  5. Do I need adjustable control arms for an aftermarket driveshaft on the Mopar lift?

    I'm replacing the rear because my OEM DS is dying a slow and painful death. I managed to tear the boot sometime earlier this year. I'm not concerned with axle centering as I've already got adjustable trackbars and I'm not focused on the front DS or LCAs at this time.
  6. Anyone having driveshaft issues?

    Yes, but I've got 37s, the Mopar 2" lift, and I've beat the hell out of my Jeep. I'm actually surprised it's lasted as long as it has. Do you get a popping noise when you change from R to D and vise versa?
  7. Do I need adjustable control arms for an aftermarket driveshaft on the Mopar lift?

    Yeah, I know the front will definitely need adjustable LCAs when I replace that DS, but it's surprisingly in decent shape so I'm not jumping on it at the moment. The rear is toast, though. I'm just wondering if anyone else has replaced their DS while running the Mopar lift and needed to swap out...
  8. Do I need adjustable control arms for an aftermarket driveshaft on the Mopar lift?

    My rear OEM driveshaft is slowly dying after beating it to death and forcing it to push 37s. I've got an Adam's replacement on order, but I'm curious if I need to replace the upper control arms for the pinion angle. I'm running the Mopar 2" lift kit, but I've had it for almost 3 years, so it's...
  9. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    Eh, Ford did it before then, too, and I doubt they were the first. They put window switches and mirror controls on the center console back in the '80s on Thunderbirds and Cougars.
  10. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    The Bronco looks awesome and I wish it all the success for the simple fact that if it affects Wrangler sales, Jeep might make an effort to up their QC game and perhaps steal some design cues of their own. For example, I really dig the window switches located on the center armrest console and the...
  11. Hemi swap or Supercharger kit?

    This is my biggest beef with the 392 outside of the fact you can't get one without having to get painted and leather everything. I mean, if you can do this with a V6... ...I can only imagine what the axles in the 392 are gonna look like after a year or so if you miraculously don't snap them...
  12. Thanks for the dust

  13. Winches on Mall Crawlers?

    I wheel my Jeep all the time and have yet to use my $800 Warn winch. That ain't a bad thing at all.
  14. Why was this JL only forum developed?

    This forum has no agenda. It's all about the JL for better or for worse. That's why I like it above others. I used to post on JK Forum, but didn't care for the admin banning people who liked or promoted products he didn't (and felt his JL forum probably does the same thing). I stopped using...
  15. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    Not to stray off-topic, but holy moly is that an insanely underrated movie.
  16. This cracks me up, because it's got an angry grille, duh!

    I'm confused. It cost a dealership less to replace the stock Sport hood, base grille, non-painted fenders, and the plastic bumpers with a Rubi hood, a painted angry grille, painted fenders, and aftermarket bumpers? Don't they get those parts at cost? I know they probably modded it before the...
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Got the soft top on.
  18. Finally Kicking SiriusXM To The Curb!!!

    There is no need for SiriusXM. All their music channels pretty much play the same music weekly. Go to any office supply store, pick up a 64GB or 128GB USB flash drive that you'll mostly likely find on sale for under $30, then have whichever one of your relatives is nerdy enough to know what...
  19. Can i put a used 8.48in uconnect radio

    If it's in good shape, $800 is a great deal. Most online vendors selling them used typically charge around $1,500.